To All the Buddies (2022.07.22)

Good afternoon.

To all the Buddies,

Regarding the decision to cancel Days 2 & 4 of “W-KEYAKI FES.2022”,
I can’t apologize enough to all of you that have been looking forwards to the concert.

I am truly so sorry.

Five of us have tested positive for the  coronavirus,
Myself included
It greatly pains me to be this useless.

And now Aoi-san and Oze-san’s graduation ceremonies that are so important,
Will have to be postponed

I’m so very sorry to you two and all of your fans
Who must have built up a lot of emotion in anticipation for this day.

Those of you who came from absolutely very far away, far away, a little far away
Made plans and preparations
Specifically for this day
Thinking of all you must have done to see us pains my heart.

In the years since the Coronavirus has become prevalent
I have spent every day determined not to let myself become infected
As to not in any way inconvenience the group.

So when I got a positive result
I was so, so very shocked it was unbearable.

I’m still struggling
With the symptoms that began manifesting last night,
But lots of members and managers have been supporting me

And from the fans, as well
Your many kind words have been saving me.
Thank you as always

But I’d like to sincerely apologize for all that’s happened.

I am truly sorry.

I will cherish
Each and every day
Looking forward to when I’ll be able to meet with you all again

I wish for you all to stay well.

Onuma Akiho



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