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I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira

Moriya Akane-san, Watanabe Rika-san has announced their graduation.

They are a very big presence [for me].


I know that it’s getting closer for sure, but I was not prepared for it at all.

I’m sorry for irresponsibly stopping you many times.
The kind Akane-san, who despite of it still says thank you. I feel lonely.

How many more times we can dance together? How many more times I can hug her? How many more times we can have a matching hairstyle? Thinking of those as we do our activities together made me feel a little lonely, it’s painful.

We fought over trivial things many times, haven’t we?
I love Akane-san who pushed me away with her words, and yet let me stay by her side, being near her made me feel at ease.

When I feel so lonely like being crushed, Akane-san would spend time with me, right?
I’m always spoiled by Akane-san’s kindness.

I don’t think that I was a cute junior.
And, for someone like me, she smiled a lot and made many memories with me.
Thank you very much for caring about me a lot. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to repay you in any way.

I’m quite sad.
I wanted us to be together longer.
But more than that, I want to support the path that Akane-san has chosen, and I want her to be happy.

I’m still going to cause you a lot of trouble and still rely on you a lot, but I want to make memories with you in our remaining time together, I want to cherish it.

⬆️ My favourite [picture] of Akane-san. Cute, I love her


Whenever I said or did something silly that no one else would laugh at, Rika-san always giggled at it.

I thought that this is the kind of person who makes you feel warm just by being around them.

Thank you very much for attaching the cat keyholder I get from gacha that I gifted to you on your bag,
It made me so happy, I would smirk every time I saw it.

Its name is “He-chan”.
A cat that will help Rika-san whenever you are having difficulty.
Please look at one another a lot.

I was happy to be able to go out with you to “SAKURA MEGURI”!

When I saw Rika-san’s skillfulness in making pottery, I thought that you are a very capable person.
I can tell that you practiced dancing at home more than others, you watch your surroundings, and a person who gives happiness.

You are always cute at any time, and Rika-san in a slightly excited mode is funny, Rika-san the model is pretty, and shows memorable expression during performance.

I think that you are a stronger and more wonderful person than I thought. I am proud to be a junior of Rika-san.

When Rika-san is present, I could feel the surrounding atmosphere becoming gentle and warm.
It makes me very sad to think that I won’t be able to see that atmosphere anymore soon.

Even now I remember how when the new 2nd generation just entered, you shared the bread you win as a prize in Keyakake. I vividly remember the kind smile you gave us when we couldn’t even see the faces of our seniors.

It has a warm taste 🍞

Thank you very much for all the soothing and happiness. We only have a short time left, but I like to spend it very carefully so that I can return it a lot.

Thank you for reading until the end.
Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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