🍰* (2022.10.24)


It’s Kobayashi Yui








I celebrated my 23rd birthday 🐱



Up until now, most people would say “You’re still XX years old?”


But this year, people said, “So you’re already 23 now~”


Is your maturity really just determined by how old you are?






The older I become, the more I don’t understand what kind of person an adult is like,



but I hope that I can spend every single day with peace of mind

in a healthy and happy way 🍀







Thank you very much for all the congratulations 🤍












Kobayashi Yui’s Official Instagram has been opened 📷







By all means, please do give it a follow~












Tomorrow the Fukuoka leg of the tour will start!

Fukuoka will be the last regional performance of the tour



I look forward to meeting all of you~ 🍜







see you again ⊿⊿

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