Regional performances (2022.10.25)



“CHAI kudachai [Give me CHAI, please]”

(It’s embarrassing so I whispered it)


when I said it, my joke bombed in a big way


It’s Habu Mizuho



The two day performance in Fukuoka is starting today

That’s right, it seemed that these two days…

will be our last regional performance…

Time moves in an unbelievably fast way.



To say once again,

In this 2nd TOUR we were able to visit various regions and share our performance there:

Osaka / Hiroshima / Miyagi / Aichi / Fukuoka

I am truly filled with gratitude.

I am also filled with plenty of smiles from meeting all of you 😘



So I say, I’m going to post a picture of me being really cool




As the show is not yet over

I don’t have much to say

but I received many messages from all of you who came

saying that you had fun

It made me feel so happy and joyful.





I really like the stage production this time

so I can’t wait to show it to those who come

to the Fukuoka performance today and tomorrow

I’ll be waiting for you at the venue 🖐🏼♪





All the catering was delicious…




I will never forget Hiroshima’s deep-fried pumpkins 🥺

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