21 (2022.10.24)




2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?”


Thank you so much for the

2 day performance in Aichi 🐣♡



21 (2022.10.24)






I really had SO much fun!!!



Thanks to all the Buddies,

it was full of happiness.






And this is a personal matter,

but on the 21st which was the 1st day of the Aichi performances,

it was also my birthday!







With a big cake and

many words of congratulations,

it was a very touching day.














Together with the members I love,

with the Buddies I love,

and the staff whom I love too


Being able to celebrate my birthday that only comes once a year together with them,

it’s something that makes me really happy.



I feel like I can do my best

from here until another 1 year!



Thank you so much ☺️🤍







And for everyone who sent me congratulatory flowers.

Thank you as always.


Please let me blog about it next time.










The staff lined up

from the morning to buy

Kerotozzo for us 🐸( ; ; ) that’s love…








This is the pretzel that

Yukka-san likes so much 🥨‪‪☺︎







After the concert, the strawberry milk was sweet 🍓🍼












The Fukuoka performances

will finally start tomorrow.



And the end of the tour is finally in sight…

It feels so sad…



I wish it would last forever.





Let’s have a great time during the

2 day performance in Fukuoka.


I’m looking forward to your support 😌





And the general sales of the tickets

for the tour final at Tokyo Dome

have started.





It is also the last performance for our captain

Sugai Yuuka-san whom I love so much.





Please don’t miss it.

Let’s spend an

unforgettable time together.







Well then, see you tomorrow,

let’s meet at Fukuoka.


I’m looking forward to it ☺️




See you

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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