🐅* (2022.12.27)

Good evening

It’s Kobayashi Yui





There are only a few days left in 2022, isn’t it?





As Sakurazaka46,


With the graduation of each member, I’m often conscious of parting, but I believe that each time we did so, our bond grew stronger


While there are partings, there will be new meetings to be made

I hope that we can deepen our bonds further, and make wonderful memories together with the members and Buddies next year as well 🌸




On the topic of personal matters,


I was very happy to have been able to release a 2nd photobook~


It has become an important book for me as well,

and I’d be happy if you could look back to it from time to time 🍒





The love I received from all of you this year made me very happy


Next year, I’ll be able to give back lots of love to all of you 🤍



Thank you very much for your hard work this year 😌






















◇ We will be participating in “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23” on 28th December!


This will be the last time we’ll see you this year


We are going to make it a fun show, so jump in the music and let’s have fun~




◇ We will be appearing in

TBS’s “CDTV Live! Live! New Year’s Eve Special!”

on 31st December, from 11:45 PM JST~!


Please give it a look~




◇ I’ll be appearing in

Nippon TV’s “Uchimura & Summers no Hatsudashi Talk Variety Waraidane”

on 3rd January from 11 PM JST~


Let’s laugh a lot together from the start of the new year~




◇ I will be appearing in

Nippon TV’s “Hamachan ga!”

on 4th January from 1:59 AM JST~


Please give it a look~






And while this is a little bit early,


Happy new year~ 🐇





see you again ⊿⊿

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