#65 Cherry blossom, Apricot, Peach, Plum (2022.12.27)

t/n: The title refers to an idiom that has its roots in Buddhism. Without getting really deep into it, it refers to the idea that each individual should blossom in their own way, at their own pace, without comparing themselves to others. Each of the 4 flowers in the idiom, while looking similar and all being spring flowers, bloom at slightly different times and have their own unique qualities that make them beautiful. Likewise, people can achieve the most from themselves by embracing the beauty of their individual qualities. Everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful.

Thank you for opening my blog.


I am Endo Hikari, 23 years old from Kanagawa Prefecture.





The formation for our 5th single was announced the other day on Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?


I will be doing my best as a BACKS member once again.




Although I was ready for it to be this way since I was taking rest during album activities, I was still overcome with an indescribable feeling of frustration when it was announced.


I want everyone who has been supporting me to be able to see me shining, to see me on music television shows, as soon as possible. That sentiment hasn’t changed.

I think what I can do for now is continue to show everyone that I’m always trying my very best.


I’d like to continue working hard as I always have, without neglecting to improve my dance skills, so that I can be useful to Sakurazaka when the time comes that I am entrusted with a bigger role.


I used to be someone that could only rush into things, but during my hiatus I looked at what I had done so far, and used it as an opportunity to really look at myself. Since my return, I’ve learned to stop myself.


Particularly during live performances, I’d rush through them at 200% to the point that I’d collapse. The way I was at that time, the idea of stopping or slowing my pace were very frightening things.


But I’ve learned that sometimes, it’s not all about running ー it’s important to take a detour once in a while. So from now on, I’d like to move forward even if it must be slowly.




Ever since Sakurazaka46 started, I’ve always wanted to keep in mind that this team I am part of takes into consideration the entire world in what it does. I hope that in doing this, we can convey our individuality including that background and follow the best path that we can in each and every moment that passes.

I want to think about what we need to do in order to expand upon our activities in the future.

I want to walk alongside the Buddies so that we can achieve the goals of this team.


I think that everything that happens to you in your life is something that’s personally important, so I’d like to grow while looking forward toward the future.

And so, I am here because this Sakurazaka is precious to me.


I want to be someone who can absolutely always be moving forward, no matter how small the steps may be.


It’s because of the support you’ve all given me that I was able to wake up to these feelings.

Thank you so much for always supporting and looking after me☺︎


Our feelings of frustration, our desire to work hard alongside each other, and our feelings that truly deep and complex.

If we can share them with each other, we can do our best more and more!!

All your support has been so appreciated, it has become my source of strength.


If you’d like, we can talk even more during Meet & Greet!




The 2nd round of applications is next, between:

2PM on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 ~  2PM on Thursday, January 12th, 2023


I’ll be waiting🌱




Thank you for reading my blog again today☺︎


I’d happy if you could read the next one as well.


Until then.

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