🐴 (2022.08.24)

Yuuka announced her graduation the other day.




For the time being… cheers for the announcement ♡





For 7 years, no matter how difficult the situation is,
she never whined and supported the group and the members

I am truly glad that Yuuka is our captain 🌳🌸




She listened to my worries a lot of times,
I am filled with gratitude.




Deciding to graduate and announcing it is something that requires a lot of determination


so I’d like to firmly receive Yuuka’s feelings
and enjoy our remaining activities together with fun 🫡




In the two months left to go,
I hope that Yuuka can spend it in your own way in a more relaxed manner than ever before 🤍




She used the shoulder bag 🥲♡









Thank you as always 〜♡
Let’s continue to be friends from now on.



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