📻 (2022.05.15)



It’s been a while since I updated my blog!




In Kochi Hoshi the other day,
it was announced that I will step down from being the main personality after ~3 years of time of being one 🌟



I am thankful that I have been able
to work as the personality for three long years.


Being able to host a different member each week
and talk with each of them,


made me able to learn many things about the members, including a side of them I normally wouldn’t know!


I, myself, truly gained a lot from Kochi Hoshi.




I will be personality until the end of May,
there is only three weeks left!


By all means, please do listen to it until the end.


I will write some more things after the final broadcast~.








By the way, the guest for today starting from 11PM JST
is Risa 😌


Her last before graduation!
By all means, don’t miss it!





For the recording on this day, I wore clothes that Risa has chosen~ 👗
Thanks 😊





Well then, see you again~

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