“I’d like to be good friends!” that’s what I thought (2022.05.12)

“I’d like to be good friends!” that’s what I thought.


First, try to make eye contact.



Mere exposure effect strategy.
For now, I’ll try to get into Parin-chan’s field of vision.



It’s true that they’re facing here but,



Parin-chan’s eyes are on the baseball players practicing in the distance.







I want our eyes to meet.





Try to catch them with bait strategy.
They heartily eat the food I have in my hand.



Parin-chan looked up and the one who stole their gaze was



A runner passing by dressed in neon, top and bottom.





Even though it seemed like our eyes met








Lastly, during the photoshoot in the room,
Parin-chan was sprawled out on the cold floor



So cute, so cute



When I was thinking how cute they were from the bottom of my heart, they looked my way


I forgot how many seconds it lasted
Our eyes met the whole time*





This big dog is Parin-chan!
They were white, fluffy and cute.
I appeared on platinum FLASH vol. 18 which is on sale now. 🐶










I was also on the back cover
I hope you take a look!












Thank you for the meet and greet held on April 29th, May 7th, and 8th!
I had plenty of fun until the end of the individual meet and greet.










The pose I did in Habu Game.






On the Aeon Card official Youtube channel,
The member MC project “Habu Game” has been released 🦑




This time the MC is Habu-san!
I appear in vol. 2.


Please take a look




The other day’s JAPAN JAM 2022
Thank you to everyone who came despite the bad weather!

It was the first time to perform Samidare yo live.

I was able to see all the way to the back
I was so happy to be able to see everyone enjoying the performance!!!













Let’s get through May together~*!


See you!




Ozono Rei

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