🤍Risa-san💙 (2022.06.01)





Good afternoon!

I am Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
from Shizuoka prefecture🌻🐟







On May 21st, 2022,
a wonderful, wonderful graduation concert was held for Risa-san


To everyone who came to see it at the venue,
and everyone who watched it online,

Thank you very much!🌸






And so,
Risa-san! Congratulations on your graduation・*





The live was so full of Risa-ness,
kindness, and warmth
It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable time!





I succeeded in burning lots and lots
of memories of Risa-san into my head!




Risa-san is the same wonderful person I’ve always admired
from when I’d sit in front of the TV and watch her
to being in Sakurazaka46 with her.



All the kind things Risa-san said to me,
each and every word of the casual conversations we’ve had
will shine brightly and remain in my heart forever.












I especially loved the way Risa-san would hold her stomach
when she laughed!

The days I was able to make Risa-san burst into laughter on Sokosaku were the days I went home feeling incredibly blessed☺︎






It’s strange for me to say this but
Risa-san is someone that’s loved by everyone
She’s someone that makes people around the world happy
just by smiling☺︎




So Risa-san,
I hope your future is full of smiles

I’ll be cheering you on the whole way!!
I’m sad!!
I love you!!

Thank you for everything🍀






So happy in this picture that my toes were pointing up☺︎











Pictures with other members☀️




Always being saved by Oze-san’s kindness









I’m always impressed by Ten-chan’s singing voice


















Omosabi was fun, huh?









Always fun










Holding hands🤝











I’ll try with all my might so that Buddies will love Sakurazaka
more & more after Risa-san’s graduation!



Please continue to look out for me☺︎











Thank you for reading to the end!





















You’ve been caught in a 40cm deep swamp







Onuma Akiho



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