With the heart of what you’ve built up (2022.06.01)


With the heart of what you’ve built up

What you have left for us



I want to connect them with care.



Each element that connects us
Each one of us has left something behind.


Even if you are not there
You remain in the history and the memories.





The group is changing in this way.
I hope you will continue to watch over us closely*.






Risa-san’s graduation concert,

To those who came to the concert
To those who watched the concert

Thank you very much 🕊





Of course it was sad to see her go,

but it was a fun two days that warmed my heart.















For me and for the group
Risa-san played a huge role,



A person we will always love!


Congratulations on your graduation 🌸


From now on,
I wish you many happy things in the future!









I was so happy to read the message from Risa-san in the graduation memorial book, “Dakishimetakunaru Shunkan”….
They are words I want to remember,
words that give me confidence…


I will treasure them in my heart!













See you*


Ozono Rei



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