1st Photo book (2022.06.21)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒
This time, it’s been decided that my first photo book
will be released from Takeshobo
I’m finally able to tell everyone!!
Last night, when the release of the information was only a few hours away
I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep at allー
I never thought I would get my own photo book published…
I was surprised when I was informed of it.
It’s also thanks to all the fans who are cheering me on
and the many people who are supporting me
that I was able to have this photobook published.
Thank you very much for always supporting me.
Getting a photo book published,
of course, made me really happy, but
“Will there be people who would buy it?”
I honestly worried a lot over it.
However, I wanted to discover a new me through this photo book,
and from here, break out of my shell again to go to the next stage,
and challenged it with that in mind.
And the location of the shoot was…
Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island
I got to shoot in these places📷
Everyone on the team was warm and kind
I was really able to relax and enjoy the shoot with a smile from beginning to end ☺︎
I hope everyone who looks at this photo book
will feel like they’re going on a trip together with me
This has become a precious book full of my current self.
It would make me happy if this becomes
a book that you will love and want to always have by your side.
I am looking forward to your continued support.
Here are the advanced cuts that were released today💐
There are also official Twitter and Instagram accounts for this photo book☺︎
New information will be released from there onwards, so
I’d be happy if you would follow and check them out 🕊
The official website for the photobook is here.
And, to commemorate the release of the photobook
on the 23rd of June (Thursday) 21:00〜
I’ll be streaming on SHOWROOM💐
If those who have time would come to see me
I’d be happy☺︎
I’ll be in everyone’s care.
Title:Sakurazaka46 Moriya Rena 1st Photobook (title TBA)
Release Date: August 23 2022 (Thursday)
Bonuses: 1 of 6 types of postcards included
■Amazon(Regular Cover)
https://amzn.asia/d/7ttXi4d■HMV Limited Edition Cover
https://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/13031598■Rakuten Books Limited Edition Cover
http://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/17191493/■TSUTAYA Limited Edition Cover
More and more information will be released from now on, so
please be sure to check it out!
See ya〜

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