Even though it’s still June, it already feels like summer (2022.06.20)






I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation
from Miyazaki, Matsuda Rina



Thank you very much for opening this blog.



It already feels so hot lately, doesn’t it~?

It troubles me how I lose my appetite when it’s hot 😾

I recommend eating cold food at those times!

I’m being saved by chilled chazuke and cold chawanmushi!



And, speaking of hot weather, summer comes to mind,

and speaking of summer…




It has been decided that the event will be held again this year!


I wonder what kind of concert it will be this year~ 😎


I hope it won’t rain!!


We will do our best to make the best memories with you while having fun as well!






And on the 24th July of W-KEYAKI FES.2022,

there will be a graduation ceremony for Ozeki-san, who recently announced her graduation, and Harada-san!



I feel very, very sad, and I wish that they could stay longer in the group


They are two people that I love, and so I will give it the best I can to make it a great day so that I can send off the two of them with a smile!







I love Ozeki-san, Harada-san 🀍












W-KEYAKI FES.2022 Special Site ↓











There is one more thing in mind when it comes to summer…


We will be appearing in “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022”!


Thank you very much!


It makes me truly so happy, I’m so excited for it!



I will do my best to convey our performances to people who don’t know Sakurazaka46!




Official website ↓








It has been decided that our 1st album as Sakurazaka46


“As you know?”



will be released on the 3rd of August!




I’m looking forward to it myself!


More details will be announced in the future, so I hope that you can look forward to it!



Thank you very much!












Sakurazaka46 will be appearing on music shows as well!




On the 22nd of June

From 17:30~ JST


πŸ“¬ TV Tokyo’s “TV Tokyo Ongaku Matsuri 2022 Summer”




2nd of July


From 15:00~ JST


πŸ“¬ Nippon TV’s “THE MUSIC DAY 2022”



We will be appearing in those shows!!



Thank you very much!



Please look forward to it~~!!!





Well then, that’s it for today!





Thank you very much for reading this blog.



See ya 🌺🌴





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