2nd year   #nagisablog (2024.01.07)

Happy First Anniversary~~~!


and so,

is there any of you who knows what I’m talking about?




Actually, today, 7th January marks exactly one year since I’ve been revealed

I am truly thankful to everyone who came to know to know me, who came to like me after watching the blog on this day

Thank you very much




Once again,

I wish you a Happy New Year.


Konnagi~ ☺

I’m 18 years old Kojima Nagisa from Nagano




It’s a pretty long one,

but I’d be happy if you could read until the end.







The nerve-wrecking release day

It was Saturday, so I thought I’d be able to spend the day relaxingly like a day off



But it turned out to be exam period instead, and I remembered going to the cram school to avoid looking at my phone

Even so, I still couldn’t concentrate…



Here is my diary from that time (an excerpt from it☺)








I woke up from the morning all restless and was very much in no condition to study for the test, so I suppressed my desire to take a look at 12 PM and went to cram school to study without bringing my phone with me.

I went home around 1 PM, and when I watched the reveal video, I was so happy to receive so many warm words from everyone at Buddies that I cried.

I feel that the anxious feelings I had until yesterday have cleared up in an instant.


My friends and close ones who are near to me gave me truly warm words, and I once again realized that I’ve been blessed with wonderful people.

It made me love them even more.


I hope that through my future activities, I can become an idol who can blow away the fatigue and worries of the Buddies and make many people cheerful and smile.

My life as an idol has just started and I am still lacking in many things, but I will do my best to be such an amazing idol so that people will say they are glad they cheer for me!



Tomorrow is Yuuzu’s reveal.

I really look forward to watching cut video of Yuuzu nom-noming








I still call her Yuuzu then!

That alone makes me feel so young already





All the other 3rd generation members also watched the video,

and immediately gave their impressions



Just like you, the 3rd generation members also watched the whole video after it was released, and they were the first to tell me how they felt at that moment ☺ It made me so happy





Especially Mio, who was the first to be revealed

The tension of being the first to go is immeasurable




I feel like I was in constant contact with Mio before the release. We have been together since the training camp, and I am so thankful that she was close by my side



After we were revealed, Mio and I promised together that we would give our best in any case and support each other when things got tough. A year has already passed since then, huh~

I’m able to enjoy my activities thanks to Mio and the other 3rd gen members





I didn’t tell my friends,

I only told my brother at the last minute too,

that’s how little people knew about me joining Sakurazaka46. I was once again reminded how precious this job is, and how I am spending such priceless time.

At that time, I never thought that I’d be able to stand on stage inside a stadium, in front of so many people.



I am also grateful to my family for not opposing my choice of becoming an idol and accepting me as I am.







As I look back on those days,

I would also like to talk about my current feelings




First of all, I have experienced many things over the past year. All of these activities have been made possible because all of the Buddies have always been cheering me on and supporting me, which enabled me to always give my best.


There were times when I let out a whine of anxiousness and nervousness, but at such times, all the 3rd generation members and seniors would be nearby to cheer me up.


Above all, through this activity, I learned just how big the presence of the managers, dancers, and many other staff members whom I had known but had not noticed before. They always paid attention to various things and supported me a lot to make my activities better as a group and as a 3rd generation member.



I would like to put all of my gratitude, as well as the happiness, frustration, and all the other feelings that I felt throughout last year into my second year’s activities.



From my small goals to my big goals, even if I don’t achieve them, I will do my best to move on to the third year without any regrets in mind.






And right now,

I am rehearsing every day with the seniors toward Backs Live which is happening in a week




Right now I’m still not in a position where I can confidently say, “Please look forward to it!”, but I will be participating in Sakurazaka46’s first concert of the year and the first BACKS LIVE!! in two years, so I’d like to deliver something good to all of you

I will give it my best toward the actual show~!!



But more than anything, I can’t wait to see all of you~

All of you Buddies~ ☺






I sincerely love all of you ♡

I have written a lot of things, but for my seniors and all the other idols I’m still merely in my first year, and and still believe that I can be anything that I want to be…

I look forward to your continued support in my second year as well!!





Thank you very much for reading this far



See ya ☺



ShimaShima duo ☺

This is a pose that I thought up with Yuzu

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