#49 To Those of You Who I’ll Meet Someday ✉️ (2022.06.30)

Thank you for opening my blog!

I am Endo Hikari, 23 years old from Kanagawa Prefecture!


The August issue of BUBKA is on sale today, and features all 14 2nd generation members on the front cover.


From other 2nd gens to the auditioning of new members, it’s full of interviews containing our honest feelings on a variety of topics.

It’s thanks to all the people that accept and support me regardless of the way I am that I could be given an opportunity like this. Thank you so much.

This is the first publication featuring all 2nd gen members. Be sure to pick up a copy.

My precious genmates🌸


This is the first time we’re recruiting new members since I’ve joined Sakurazaka46.

I’m excited to see what kind of girls will be joining us.

Auditions were a major turning point for me and changed my life more than I can express in simple terms.

I wrote this blog with the hope that among those of you who have applied to audition for Sakurazaka, or are thinking of doing it in the future, there are those who are thinking “I want to change myself!”

I wonder if I should write this…
I’ve been really worried about it, but please try reading it if you’d like.
When you have the time.

As a high school student, I stopped being able to go to school because I was having trouble with my relationships with others.
It gradually felt less natural to do the dances I’d been doing every day since elementary school, I became afraid to go outside, and everything that had kept me going was disappearing.
I had lost confidence in everything I had enjoyed doing, became afraid of anything that involved other people, and ended up closing myself off entirely.

It was at that time that I met the incredible Ikoma Rina-san.
Seeing Ikoma-san and Nogizaka46-san perform, I wondered what they were like as people, and I became very curious about them as they connected with my closed off heart that no longer had interest in anything.

What Ikoma-san talked about in the documentary…
It was just like all the things going on with me, it made me want to become someone just like that, who can make others think “I’ll try to do my best and keep going just a bit longer.”

Then around when I graduated high school, I learned about the joint Sakamichi audition.

I had read the letter Ikoma-san wrote to the 2nd generation Nogizaka members, in which she expressed her deep feelings and determination to lead the group, and although it was not directed at me, I thought of how great it’d be if I could harness this emotion with a “Zaka” that suited me… the thought of it hit my heart like a wave, and I applied for the audition because I wanted to change the cowardly person I had become into a positive person again.

Sakurazaka has so many really unique members.
And yet, everyone is so amazing in a “Sakurazaka-like” way.

You, who will join Sakurazaka
No matter who you are, I’m sure you’ll be Sakuraza-like as well.

There are so many things that can be an inspiration to you. All your reasons for applying are what make you an amazing individual!

We’ll be waiting for you to join us in protecting Sakurazaka46, the precious Sakamichi group that our seniors have protected before us.

The deadline to apply is 5pm on Sunday, July 4th.
You’ll have lots of worries, and lots of thoughts.
But if you’d like, we can work together.


Thank you for reading my blog again today.

I’d be happy if you could read the next one as well.

Until then.


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