Everyone can bloom. (2022.06.29)

Sakurazaka46 is recruiting new members!




The deadline is


until the 4th of July 17:00 JST πŸ™Œ







The official site is so cool, so feel free to give it a peek ☺️










And, to everyone who is feeling not sure







You might have some worries,



but I think there is still worth for you to apply for the time being.





The choice whether to join the group or not,



even after you pass, I don’t think that it’s something late to decide!





Because nothing will start unless you apply.




If you have even the slightest interest in Sakurazaka46,



I’d be happy if you could apply 🌸











I look forward to meeting



what kind of people I will be working with in the future ☺️





































Off-shot from ViVi 🀍














It has been decided


that I will be featured as the solo cover of ViVi’s September edition!






I am excited to see what kind of cover it will turn out to be πŸ‘€



Please look forward for it ✨

























Thank you very much for yesterday’s “Love it!” 🐰






I was nervous about my second location shoot,




but Nasunakanishi-san and Kikuchi Ami-san were very kind to me



and it has been such a fun location shoot!





I was also able to shoot many webs πŸ•·πŸ•ΈοΌ



Thank you very much for watching 😊





























In the BUBKA edition that will be on sale tomorrow,




2nd generation members will be featured πŸ™Œ







Thank you very much!






All of the 2nd generation members don’t really get to work as one,




so it made me very happy that we could be featured on the cover together like this!






There are many stories about the 2nd generation members that you can only find here



so by all means, please do give it a check πŸ€—






















On July 3rd





I will be appearing on “Nichiyoubi no Hatsumimigaku”!






It was filled with informative lessons, and very interesting 🧐




By all means, please see this one as well!























Sakurazaka46 1st Album



“As you know?”




has been decided to be released on August 3rd 🌸








By all means, please give this one a check as well!







Well then ☺️



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