Have you ever forgotten what you wanted to buy the moment you stepped into the store? (2022.06.30)

Hello, everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱




June ends today~


Even so! It’s been very hot lately…

I’m surprised with how it suddenly become so hot 👀


Be careful of heat stroke!







The new CM for AEON Card-san

was released the other day!


It’s the “Advance Application” version ^ ^






It seems that Sakurazaka46’s AEON Card

offers many special benefits!


Just like as it’s depicted in the CM,

there is a member-only advance application for concert tickets 🌸


There are many other great special benefits,

so by all means, please check it out!






I drew these together with Yui-san during waiting time ✏️





This costume sure is cute, isn’t it~

We also got to wear a bangle, I like it ^ ^






Here are some announcements 🌱



I will be featured on “BUBKA”

that is releasing on June 30th!


All the 2nd generation members

are featured on the cover 🌸


It makes me so happy, thank you very much!



I also gave it a read immediately ~


From the early days of going to more recent times,

the stories from each member are deep,

it was an interesting and wonderful book.


By all means…!






From 15:00 JST July 2nd


Sakurazaka46 will be appearing

on Nippon TV’s “THE MUSIC DAY”!


It’s an 8 hour live broadcast 👀

We will give it our best!


By all means, please give it a look!






We appeared on “TV Tokyo Ongaku Matsuri 2022 Summer”

the other day!


Thank you very much to everyone who watched!


We performed “Samidare yo” ^ ^

With Ten-chan and Marina!







Yesterday was your birthday, wasn’t it?!

Congratulations! 🐱





Well then, that’s all for today.


Thank you very much for reading until the end!





The End 🌱

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