9 (2024.06.05)



It’s Moriya Rena🍒




Yesterday I posted on my Instagram Stories

About the 9th Single


I couldn’t post the link I wanted to post

No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t post it

I ended up posting 3 times…


Why didn’t it disappear even when I deleted itー!?


If the stories became strange LOL


Please excuse me.🤭








And, the 9th Single “Jigoujitoku”

Pre-streaming started last night,

June 5th at midnight

Has everyone listened to it already?


I was nervous and waiting at that time tooー









And soon from 22:00

The MV will be released on YouTube


At this very moment,

Is there someone there 

Waiting excitedly and thinking

“What kind of MV will it be?”


I’d be glad if you think so


Every evening my heart won’t stop pounding…


Please watch it 📹❤︎



For the 9th single too

The members are doing their best as a team

Please take care of us.


From now on there will be more information about the 9th single

That will be continuously releasing

Please look forward to it.





It’s finally June

The Tokyo Dome performance is getting closer

We’re rehearsing hard for Tokyo Dome!


I want to see another new scenery with everyone

We want you to enjoy

So we’ll put even more effort into our rehearsals too.

Please look forward to it, okay?






See you〜



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