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Good evening




It’s now June, huh


As you can probably tell, I’m the type to feel down when it rains in the morning, so every time the rainy season comes Yuuzu becomes melancholic


Melancholy Yuuzu










But, we have the Tokyo Dome concert and 9th single release in June this year!



I’m filled with excitement~



I hope you are looking forward to them too


I’ll do my bestー.







Since the thing I’m looking forward to is becoming closer and closer, maybe I’m also feeling nervous, so I’m reading your letters every morning and every night.


We can’t meet every day, but as much as possible, I’d like our feelings to go like

I want it to be like that





Huh, could you understand that?

I hope you can







An announcement


I’ll be appearing on “Ariyoshiiieeeee! ~That’s right! Shall we play a game at your place right now?” tonight from 22:00~

I played Dragon Quest this time 🎮

I’m a first-timer [to the series], but it was so much fun to play with everyone that I’m sure I laughed my head off again

Please check it out if you’d like~







Here are some photos from when Yuuzu was having her time off last month


I’ve acquired the ability to take immediate action whenever I get a day off! ✨

Well, I got invited to go out on both days though






Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻



See you


From Yuuzu

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