Jigoujitoku (2024.05.23)





Hands reaching out gently, wiping tears kindly, making someone laugh with a sudden joke.


I think anyone who can suddenly get someone in front of them who looks down to loosen up must have the power to make people who aren’t in front of them smile as well.



I love Sakurazaka46




I, too, hope to possess that attentiveness and kindness









It’s Yuuzu





It’s been decided that Sakurazaka46’s 9th single, “Jigoujitoku”, will be released on June 26th!



Buddies, thank you as always for your warm support.

I’ll do my best with everyone to deliver something great.
We’ll be in your care.






I will be doing activities as a senbatsu member.

It’s thanks to everyone who has always been supporting me. Thank you very much.


This will be my third single as a senbatsu member. I can really feel the weight and responsibility of it.


As a member of Sakurazaka46, I will do my best to become someone who is naturally eye-catching so that more people will watch my performances.


Please look forward to the 9th single.















Yuuzu also has her worries from time to time



Let’s be positive.



I got to convey how much I like everyone more


That’s what I realized just now, so I’ll make this a period to do thatー!




Also, I’ll brush myself up to make you constantly update your favorite look of mine







I’ll be waiting for you
For the online meet & greets



Finished booking your time in early summer ッ






An announcement 🦭


I will be appearing on “Ariyoshi Thursday Variety”
Today from 18:25~!


A lot of restaurants in Northern Kanto were featured 🍝
I went to the shoot after receiving a lot of information from Ishimori Rika-san the Gunma citizen
It was so lively and I had a lot of fun
It’s tonight! Be sure to watch ☺︎






ᴮʸᵉ ᵇʸーᵉ


I hope you can do your best as well today 🌻



See you



From Yuuzu

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