Bloom  Murayama Miu (2023.07.26)



Good evening
It’s Murayama Miu






It’s totally summer, isn’t it


You really are geniuses for going to work, school, and doing housework every day in such hot weather


I hate summer and crowds, so whenever I go outside during this time of the year, the heat gets the best of me
I’ve always been defeated so far



That’s why, I’m giving the title of genius
To everyone who’s working hard everyday







A photo from when I went sunbathing with my mother and grandmother in a sunflower field
It was warm
The sunflowers were facing the sun undauntedly, they’re strong
I’m a weakling so I won’t be facing the sun










I’m paying a lot of attention to the last thing I see before I go to sleep
The last sound I listen too, the last song too



I feel like there are a lot of people who told me that they listen to Seijaku no Bouryoku before they sleep
So, I’ll talk about the music video to get everyone to like it even more




For the dance scenes, we put a lot of focus on   breathing
If we don’t breathe, we won’t seem human and real, so TAKAHIRO-sensei repeatedly told us to place huge importance on breathing

Especially for the parts without lyrics like the intro, we create the atmosphere by breathing



The reason why everyone’s hair was tied was because we wanted to bring up the desperate feeling that we felt during the training camp

The director said “That’s it” after looking at our messy hair when practicing

Practicing in the gymnasium where we can only hear our own footsteps made me remember the training camp



At first it was a scene where we just danced and sang like usual, but it lacked power,
So we really danced while screaming

The choreo in verse 2B is the only part where you can see us having contact with other people,
Tangling our bodies and making eye contact,
I think you can feel the warmth of human relationships



Holding my head and crouching, from here on the emotions I’ve been keeping bottled up are exploding

The dress scene was used for the “It’s okay to cry I want to lose my voice from letting you know I’m here If I remain quiet I won’t be noticed” part but I really like the choreo where we danced together so I want to show it to you soon







What we each expressed individually is important in Seijaku no Bouryoku, so I couldn’t write much, but I hope I could convey it to everyone a little


I also said this about Natsu no Chikamichi, each person has their own point of view, so I would appreciate it if you could think that this is not the only correct answer











A little about recent events,





Thank you very much


First festival
First outdoor performance
First time seeing the seniors’ expressions



I got to perform BAN in Kobayashi Yui-san’s position


I never thought that I would perform BAN, which I’ve been dancing since the training period, together with the seniors, so I couldn’t sort out my emotions up until the last minute




The night before, I contacted a senior saying that I couldn’t sleep because I was nervous
Once again I felt really grateful that I have seniors that I can rely on in times like this


I keep receiving support without being able to return it, so I hope there will come a time when I’ll be able to return the favor while doing activities




Manager-san sent me a video of that senior encouraging me
I wish I could show it to you somewhere
A wonderful video





Can’t we upload videos on blogs?
I really want to post it
I want you to watch it





It was a space overflowing with love


I’d love to talk about this day again somewhere else
I’ll share a few photos with you



I didn’t get to take pictures with all the seniors, so I hope I can someday
I’ll do my best to call out to them











The third gens will be appearing in
Which will be held on 8/7

The venue is Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium


The last time we held a performance with just the 3rd gens was Omotenashikai, wasn’t it?
We’ll show you how we have grown, so please look forward to it
It’s exciting to think about which songs we will perform, right?











Random talk



I cut my hair again, but I cut it too much

But when I told the third gens that I think I cut my hair too much, they said they didn’t notice it, so you probably won’t either lol


Should I let it grow until it reaches below my shoulders?
What I want changes with my mood so that’s just for now












I could only say this because it’s over, but
The festival was fun


I can’t get rid of the afterglow
I can’t stop talking about it

I was happy
Everyone looked beautiful











By the way, we’ll have the meet & greet soon
It’s been a long timeー I’m looking forward to it

What should we talk about? I’ll think about it too











From the training period, I was always next to Shizuki on the bullet train
We usually sleep or listen to music, but on the day of the festival, we couldn’t sleep at all and talked all the time
We wanted to take a polaroid together, but the timing wasn’t right, so we didn’t get a chance to

Tomorrow’s blog will be that Shizuki-san’s
Look forward to it



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