The scenery that I saw for the first time Murai Yu (2023.07.25)



Everyone, it’s been a while



I’m 18 years old Murai Yu

from Tokyo.



How are you doing?


I am very well!


Please stay healthy and don’t let the heat beat you ☺︎




Today is… Odakura Reina’s birthday!!!


Happy birthday~~ 🤍






Reina who laughs at me as if anything I do strikes her funny bone

Reina who is very smart, but also cutely a bit clumsy

Reina who studies during her spare time and is always giving it her best

Reina who works hard when nobody’s watching


Reina who never gives up until the very end, who always gives it her best to push beyond her limit, is truly amazing

If it’s okay with you, feel free to rely on me anytime~ ☺︎


I love youuu!









The clear blue sky, the white clouds, and the bright sunshine

The fire in the venue seems to blow out the heat



This is the view I could see from the stage the day before yesterday.




I was able to participate in


that was held on 23rd July!


Truly, thank you very much!




I was able to join the performance for

“Jouken Hansha de Naketekuru” “Natsu no Chikamichi”.



Performing “Natsu no Chikamichi” in an outdoor Summer festival was a dream of mine, and it finally came true.


I was very happy to hear your loud cheering the moment it started.

I quickly found myself to be full of smiles.


I think I was able to sincerely enjoy the performance. ☺︎


Actually, me and Shizuki tried to change our dance part from usual…

Did you notice it??




In “Jouken Hansha de Naketekuru”, I was able to perform in the position of Kobayashi Yui-san, who is absent due to her stage play.


This song is one of my favorite Sakurazaka songs, and I wanted to dance to it someday.

I was very happy to get such an opportunity this time.



It was the first time I was able to perform together with the seniors, and I felt more nervous than ever before.


During the actual performance, my head went blank when I made a mistake dancing during my singing part, and then just like that it was over.


I regret how I managed to do it during practice, but didn’t during the actual performance.

I might be weak when it comes to actual performance.


When I talked about it, Saito Fuyuka-san said to me,

“It’s okay to dance how you want during your singing part, don’t worry”

so she encouraged me in a cheerful way. She’s truly so kind and saved my heart.


I remember how truly cool the seniors looked during the performance

I want to be more like them from now on.



I think I was able to grow a little through this experience.

I will continue to give my best to grow from now on.








I took a picture with Yuuzu ☺︎


Before the performance, I ate the catering meal at the same table as Yuuzu, Mio and Riko.


We ate the delicious meal, and were able to perform with full energy ( ⋅֊⋅ )‎و






I have been listening to rock bands since the festival the day before yesterday

It’s a genre I never really listened to before, but I grew to be very interested in it.





Macaroni Empitsu-san

I listened to them.


If you have a recommended band or song,
please do tell me in letters or some other way~!





⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰



💡 A happy announcement


Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation members will be appearing


that is held at Yoyogi National Stadium’s Second Gymnasium

on 7th August!



I am very happy to be able to participate in an event as 3rd gen member for the first time.


I will give it my best so that people will become interested in Sakurazaka, in us 3rd generation.

Please give us your support!




And then,

I am appearing in “Gekkan Basketball September edition”

that is on sale today, 25th July ⛹️‍♀️🏀


When I was in the basketball club in junior high school,
I never dreamed that I would be featured in a basketball magazine a few years later.

I am truly happy

Thank you very much!!

I was interviewed a lot.

By all means, please get your hands on it! ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ /






💡 Questions that I received from letters


Thank you very much for sending me your letters ☺︎

I always read them carefully one by one in my room

I want to buy a cute box to put all of your letters in in the future


Please allow me to answer your questions again this time 🪄




Q. Are you an indoor person? Or an outdoor person?

A. I was an outdoor person until a while ago, but recently been an indoor person.
I just chill and watch movies, dramas, or YouTube videos~




Q. What is Yu-chan’s MBTI?

A. It was ISTJ (Logistician)!
When I saw the characteristics of it, there sure are a lot of things that fit me…!

MBTI is popular among 3rd gen members recently, and we talk about it a lot!




Q. Which one do you like better? A sparkler or fireworks?

A. I really like them both, but if I have to say one, then fireworks…!




Q. Yu-chan, do you like Disney?

What is your favorite Disney character?

A. I love Disney! I always sleep with “Duffy and friend”s stuffed dolls.

It makes me happy to see you write in your letter how they suit me ☺︎




Q. What kind of skincare Yu-chan usually use?

A. I use Anua’s lotions, creams, and serums!













I’m ending it here today

Thank you very much for reading until the end!


Tomorrow’s blog is Miu’s

At the festival the day before yesterday, we took a picture together using Miu’s polaroid camera. I was so happy about it ☺︎


Well then, see ya~~

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