2439_sheets________Yamashita Shizuki (2023.07.27)







I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto







It’s been a while



How are you spending your days?
I’m finally starting to feel something like fatigue from the summer heat…

Yamashita always makes a point to at least eat fruit or something even when the summer heat is making her ill~









We, Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation members,
will be appearing on “IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION Supported by TGC”
in Yoyogi National Stadium’s 2nd Gymnasium


Please look forward to it~


Is there anyone coming even though it’s so sudden…
Conversely, it’d make us happier to meet you despite the short notice ☺︎






Thank you very much
on 23rd July~
It made me happy to see towels with 3rd generation names on it even though there was no announcement of 3rd generation’s participation



On this day, I was given the chance to perform Sakurazuki in Kobayashi-san’s position, who is absent due to her stage play
I watched the video over and over again to practice
I was so nervous during the performance, I don’t remember it~

Several other 3rd generation members also subbed for Kobayashi-san’s position, and there were a lot of things that I felt when watching their backs during the rehearsal…
“She’s so cool” “She’s so good”, I thought about it many times, and there are many things that I learn every day




I could hear everyone’s voices clearly during Natsu no Chikamichi ( ¨̮ )

By the way,
Did you notice that the 3rd generation members each had their hair arranged on that day…?



I gave it a light curl~







Together with “The super cute Airi!”
↑ I love this.






I don’t know if there’s anyone who’s continued to read this far despite being confused with “what does 2439 sheets mean….?”, but that’s the number of pictures in my phone’s photo album

I don’t know if that’s a lot or not that many, but…
as soon as it caught my eye it made me wonder how many all of you have on your phones, so I’d like you to let me know~



Someone who has exactly the same number as me







It must be fate ♡









And so around here I bring today’s blog to an end




Ah, let me add several more announcements~
・I started Tamagochi
・Into knitting again
・Didn’t get to eat any horse sashimi last month
・I read your letters






Tomorrow is Rika
The first picture is the flower dress I got from her, the one I talked about in my blog before~






Bye by~e













I’m sure thought “Shouldn’t there be one more picture” huh~








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