Bright blue sky ☀️☁️ (2022.03.26)



Good evening



The past few days, I’ve been seeing people who are wearing hakama in the city streets.



To all of you who are graduating~~
Congratulations~ 🌸



May your future will be full of happiness ✨



(As it stands now, I will also be finishing my academic activities next year… It was sure long… I wish I could continue to be a student)







“Boku no Dilemma” MV has been released!🌸


The first time we film an MV together with all members
was very fun.



By all means, please give it a look 💁‍♀️





We were blessed with such nice weather with a cloudless bright blue sky, but the wind was strong and cold.
I experienced MVfilming in severe cold several times already,
so I feel that I can stand against cold stronger! 😤






















In various radio shows nationwide,
the trio of Harada, Inoue, and Ozno will be appearing in commentary audio!


You might hear our thoughts about the songs in this single, or stories from the filming,
so if you live in the broadcast area
by all means please do give it a listen! 📻



You can check the details here 💁‍♀️






See you~







I still have a lot more pictures 🤳








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