Between the school buildings, five cars (2022.03.26)


Between the school buildings,
five cars are entangled.
Following each car, you can make out the swirling marks of the waves.
Climb to the third floor which has no walls or windows,



The car which the teacher had parked outside, had jumped into the classroom.


Crushing lockers as they are being driven away.



Booklets and glass were washed away
from a hole that was once a window.
Even though the wind keeps blowing,



scattered all over the floor,
textbooks left open, not a single page turned.
Prints don’t fly away.



None of what is there moves.
It’s just there, just the way it is.




Like a movie set,
the unrealistic nature of the chaotic scenery.



Swallowing up everything,
I feel the horror of a tsunami.







I want everyone to experience it in VR.



NHK’s “Sakurazaka46×Earthquake Storyteller, Kesennuma”
We visited the old school building of Kesennuma Koyo High School.



The storyteller, Kondo-san,
told us what happened on March 11, 2011, but his eyes were straight and never teared up as he spoke.



I cried while listening.




Walking around the school building, even during the break between explanations, Kondo-san spoke warmly to me.


“Cherish your life”
over and over again.










About valuing life
I kept thinking about it, all the time.







To have life is to have tomorrow become today.

Today is a tomorrow that someone from yesterday really wants to come.





Life is today,




I think to cherish today
is to value life…





And to all of you who are reading this blog right now.
I’m sure a lot has happened today.


The bad and the good.








No matter what kind of day it is today.


Because you’re there today.
Because you’re living today.





I think that means we value life*.






The other day there was another earthquake.
You never know when a natural disaster will strike.


Be prepared!

Please refer to the disaster mitigation tenugui towel.




To the you who is living today,
Please be kind ✴︎






See you 〜〜


Ozono Rei

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