First Tour 🫣 (2023.04.15)

Hello everyone〜😎


Today’s relay blog is from Matono Mio 🎯





I am so into the gummies that Nagi told me about because they are delicious 😺

I laugh at Nagi’s retorts a lot.
They’re quite interesting.


And, all I can remember doing with Shizuki is eating ramen all the time… 🍜

There are so many jokes that only the 2 of us understand, we never stop laughing


And, happy birthday Airi!
I’m happy that you always retort calmly to what I say.
I’ll be in your care from now on as well 🎂


Here are the twintails that you said you wanted to see during meet and greet 🌷︎

Thank you very much 👧🏻💗⌒(´❛-❛`)⌒



💇‍♀️ I didn’t cut it


I put my hair inside the hoodie, and it makes it look shorter


This is what Shizuki wrote about it in her blog 👍🏻




〇 Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023” in Yoyogi, thank you very much


I realllllyyyyyy enjoyed it!


There’s a lot that I’ve learned over the past 2 days

Seeing the seniors’ performance, I realize there are still countless things that I am lacking in

I hope to grow a lot in this tour. I hope that I will be able to absorb a lot from my seniors so I can make the most out of it.
Someday, we, the 3rd gen members, will do our best to be able to give a wonderful performance that will touch the hearts of those who are watching.


And, for the fan club members, a question and answer project from 3rd gens to the seniors has been posted. 

I would like to cherish each and every word from the seniors and continue to do my best.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



We were given a chance to watch the senior’s performance during our rehearsals.
As mentioned in Nagi’s blog, all of the seniors are so cool that I fell in love with them…


During rehearsal, Habu-san often started talking to me, and every time I see her up close I can’t help but let out a voice because she’s so cool, cute, and her face is pretty. I can’t look her in the eyes…
I can’t help but to feel really, really happy whenever she talks to me, but I always regret that I can’t talk with her properly.


So, I am secretly watching from afar 🤫
I will do my best to come and talk to her…

My oshimens are Yui-san and Habu-san, and I often find myself following them with my eyes while watching their dance lessons.



I could still go on and on about the seniors but I’ll leave it at that,,




Here’s Matono being excited before a live, waving a towel ☺️




By the way, just as I finished writing this blog and doing final checks, I saw that Yui-san posted our two-shot in her blog, I am about to lose it!

Just looking at the word “Mio” typed by Yui-san



(T/N: Reference to her Sokosaku reaction when she was about to get hugged by Pon)




Well then! See you in my next blog〜!!♡

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