Tower (2023.04.15)

🗓 Sunday April 16th, from 21:54
“Ariyoshi eeeee”
~Peach Iron King decisive battle second half~ 🚃


🗓 Tuesday April 18th, from 20:00
“Senzai Nouryoku Test”
~Daily things shocking evolution SP~ ✍


🗓 Thursday April 20th, from 19:00
“Nintendo Chousa Show”
~Bubble 2 hour SP~ 🫧


🗓 Wednesday May 4th
“Rakuten GirlsAward 2023 S/S”
~ at National Yoyogi Stadium, first gymnasium~ 💃


🗓 Saturday May 13th
“DreamHack Japan 2023”
~Splatoon 3 Sakamichi Groups Competition~ 🎮



I will make appearances in all of these 📺👾


Thank you very much.



Please look forward to it~~









Thank you very much for
the 2 days in Tokyo during the 3rd TOUR 2023 🗼

Tower (2023.04.15)


We were able to hold the opening day without issues.
I’m glad.



For all of those who came,
did you have fun???




The Buddies cheering
gave us a lot of strength.


Thank you very much 😌






We took lots of photos. It made me so happy.





I will do my best together with everyone
until the end of the tour!!!!!

Let’s have fun~~~


I’ll be waiting 🌸










Today we had Meet & Greet sessions
and also the special event. 😌


Thank you so much 🤳

So close up,


During the break, I slept in some chairs lined up together.






I was happy to see everyone’s smiles.
Thank you ☺️






the “Sakurazuki” Meet & Greet sessions will be over.

It feels lonely…

Thank you so much for
the many encounters and memories 💐



I’ll be looking forward to
the day where we can talk again~~





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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