Fukuoka~! 🍜 (2024.03.12)





Thank you for opening my blog





I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡





ーーー Sakurazaka46 4th ARENA TOUR 2024 ーーー




From March 2nd,
The Sakurazaka46 4th ARENA TOUR 2024 New・Sakura Front -Go on back?- has started!




I had so much fun at the Fukuoka shows!




I will do my utmost best with all the members so that Buddies can see various sides of us with the wonderful songs and performances!





By the way, I ate motsunabe in Fukuoka~~


For ShinShin-san’s ramen, the timing didn’t match so I didn’t get to eat it~ 😢🍜






Also, also,,,



The additional shows were announced!


4th ARENA TOUR 2024
New・Sakura Front -Go on back?-

in   Tokyo Dome!



I really couldn’t be happier!!!



In my current state, I’m still unable to stand on the huge stage proudly, but during this tour, I’d like to do my best for each performance so that I’ll be able to gain even the slightest confidence!






Hono-nee (First time calling her that 🤭)
She always pampers me like an older sister~ ☺️


She sat next to me during the Fukuoka concert~
I had a lovely time next to her 💕


Have you read Riko’s blog~?
She looked like a kindergartener eating the mizutaki, didn’t she 👶🤭
[T/N: About the first pic from this blog]


I love the vibes Nagi gave off in Abura wo Sase!’s MV, is there anyone who can relate,,,?



She often plays with my face recently~
After playing with my face, she would say “Airi’s face moves just like a chibi character,,”





ーーー Photos I forgot to post ーーー





I really want to go snowboarding this year!




From Monthly Entame-san!









Today is the first show of the Osaka leg! 🐙


Let’s have fun~!






See you 👋👋

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