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Ishimori Nijika | 石森虹花


Ishimori Nijika was inspired to become an idol after seeing AKB48's visiting performance in Miyagi, a performance they did to support the victims of Tohoku earthquake. She soon started as local idol until she auditioned and passed as a member of Keyakizaka46. Because of that previous experience, Nijika was considered one of the best members when it came to performing (singing and dancing). She also showed capable speaking and variety skills, and her "baka" character made her easy to tease by both the MCs and members. A dog-lover, she has openly raised awareness of dog shelters and dog adoption in her blog. Nijika abruptly graduated shortly before Keyakizaka Last Live, but stated in her blog that she has found something else that she want to try. Recently, she has opened her own Instagram account where she frequently posts and interact with fans.


May 7, 1997




Miyagi Prefecture

Blood Type

Type A

Date of Graduation

September 30, 2020