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Nagahama Neru | 長濱ねる


Nagahama Neru was born in Nagasaki and spend her childhood being surrounded by the nature of Goto Island. Due to series of happenings, she joined Keyakizaka46 as the first member of Hiragana Keyakizaka46, although she later become a full Keyakizaka46 member. Neru shined as an idol with her inner and outer beauty, her intellect making her a regular guest on quiz shows. She suddenly announced her graduation in early 2019, and graduated with a solo fan event later on the same year. One year later, Neru reappeared in entertainment industry, becoming a regular cast of TV program "7 Rules," starting an essay series, narration work, and is currently working on many other activities.


September 4, 1998




Nagasaki Prefecture

Blood Type

Type O

Date of Graduation

July 31, 2019