Great Teacher Harappa (2022.08.25)

With 「W-KEYAKI FES 2022」 being held the other day, Harada Aoi has graduated.

Aoi, you truly did a great job, thank you, and congratulations👧🏻✨✨

I’ve heard the word “assignment” come from Aoi’s mouth countless times as she did her best to balance her schoolwork and activity within the group these last 7 years.

It was fun non-stop talking with her in the car too~

Aoi was a little sister character who often cried, but the closer friends we became, the more I got to know her as a truly great listener, someone who would never hurt another person no matter what, and an older sister type that tends to give in to others.
I noticed that she’s also become quite a strong person that doesn’t cry anymore~

Aoi was always next to someone, but never consistently the same person, so there were a lot of times I didn’t know where she was. So I’m thinking it’ll still feel like she’s around somewhere even in the future…

It was unbelievably sad, but seeing her smiling face, wearing her white dress… it just made me feel so happy for her.

You really did your best, didn’t you?

Thanks, it was fun! I love you🥰

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