Happy cheeks cause muscle pain   Nakashima Yuzuki (2023.09.04)




It was already late at night and I was trying to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to dance, so I got up and danced to Anthem time and then I fell down.

I should’ve just stayed still and rested.

I wasn’t hurt.






Good evening.

It’s Nakashima Yuzuki.



Everyone, how are youー!

I’m doing well ^_^



It’s still hot even in September, huh.


Lately, for Yuuzu, no matter how much I eat I’m still hungry and no matter how much I sleep I’m still sleepy.


Our bodies are probably trying their best to stay healthy.

If we just do as they say, we should be okay.

I haven’t fallen sick even once since I moved to Tokyo.

The best!





Why did I suddenly get up and dance, you ask?


It’s because I watched Nogizaka46-san’s concert!!!

(I took this while still feeling the afterglow so I’m not sure if this looks good or not)



The other day, I was able to go to watch Nogizaka46-san’s “Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2023”.


It was suuuuper! Fun~!!

It was such an amazing concert, my heart was filled with happiness.

It was so fun! So I felt like screaming and running and dancing.

It was a time filled with excitement!


I also saw fireworks for the first time this year at the venue~


It was a beautiful summer memory ☀️

Thank you very much for the happy time ♡



Can’t wait for the anniversary live in November ← I keep saying this


But I’m really looking forward to it! Since I love concerts!











Well, we had a Meet & Greet yesterday.

I haven’t been trying this kind of cute! hairstyle since I wasn’t confident that it’d suit me,,

But since the people I met yesterday praised me I’m posting it in my blogー ♪




Yesterday was the last date for the 6th single. ( ; ; )

Thank you very much to everyone who came to see me,


It was reallllllllllllllllllllly fun. I realized that I really love it.


I smiled and laughed too much, my cheek muscles ached a little



I’m so happyー.




We had a lot of fun, interesting, and passionate conversations.

People who came for the first time also said that they want to continue talking to me from now on.


This time, there was the Real Meet & Greet so we get to actually meet!


Haa~ It was really fun~.



It went by like a flash.



But, but, will you come again next time?





I’ll be waiting 🐦



Please come again to talk to me. ☺️






🌙 My favorite colors are white and pink

🌙 Prefers Japanese food

🌙 Prefers fish

🌙 For ice cream, I’m on team choco mint

🌙 Morning person

🌙 Likes animals

🌙 Dog person


🌙 Uhh, I can’t choose. I love cakes and I also really really like Japanese sweets.




This is a QnA corner.

The questions I got from letters and questions people asked me on Meet & Greet. I noted them down and answered them lol




🌙 Something I want to eat nowadays is kyoho soft serve ice cream
[T/N: A variety of grape]

And doughnuts ← always




🌙 The most fun I’ve had recently was when I went out with Rika

Ah, I had doughnuts that time




🌙 Lately I can fall asleep in just three minutes after closing my eyes
I’m well rested, so don’t worry~! 🙆‍♀️


🌙 Usually I wear pants a lot more than skirts


🌙 I’ve never been to Hokkaido, Akita, Niigata, or Miyagi! But I reaーlly really really want to!! ← When I list them out like this, all of them are in eastern Japan! Amazing!


🌙 Mmm, all of them are cute,,. Maybe Pochacco!, but Pekkle is cute too. I’ve always liked Cinnamoroll too,. When I was in elementary school, my pencil case, toothbrush set, and bag were all Usahana. I think it looks like little me, lol somehow





I feel like my writing feels a little bit stiff because I keep revising it over and over, so today I tried to put my memo as is before any revisions 🗒️

Could you understand what kind of questions I was answeringー? Lol 

I hope so!



Last one!

🌙 We experience a lot of things day by day, and there are times that we want to cry,,. I think that it’s okay to cry from time to time! When you burst into tears, all the accumulated feelings come out in the form of teardrops! Once your pain flows into tears, you will be able to laugh again.

I ended up saying it’s okay to cry when asked how not to cry… This was a message of support from Yuuzu.


When you really really don’t want to cry, move your eyebrows up and down like crazy. 



I think you’d feel so ridiculous so you can avoid crying for the time being




Let’s do our best together

( T_T)\(^-^ )










Tomorrow is Mio

Somehow, Mio was really cute yesterday!
[T/N: She said this in Hakata dialect]

She’s always cute though!







I hope you’ll spend your days full of smiles until we meet again 🌻




See you



From Yuuzu

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