Chocolate chips (2023.09.04)

Good evening



The nails I got done for the TGC were so cute,
so please check them out~!

Chocolate chips (2023.09.04)

It made my heart race 💘🧸


So cute, they became one of my favorites.





With the meet & greet and special event held yesterday,
all the events related to the 6th single “Start Over!”
have been completed.

Thank you so much 🌸( ˆ࿀ˆ )


There’s a lot of people who tell us
“It’s because Sakurazaka is there”,
but for us, it’s definitely because
the Buddies exist and are there for us.


Sakurazaka46 = Buddies

I want us to be always equal,
I hope we can mutually think about each other.



I’m grateful for meeting so many people.

Thank you so much ☺️!



On that day,
because my clothes were pink,
I didn’t want to make the lips too pink,
so I decided to make it a bit more red🧣

peripera – INK AIRY VELVET #23

Ririmew – Muted Scient 01




I applied pink color to my upper lip,
and then I applied red in the lower lip on the inside area,
so I made a color gradation 🎠



I’ve always had the feeling that
red lips don’t suit me very well,
and that’s why I don’t wear them like this too often,

but this one is a bright and light red color,
so it was an easy challenge for me! 🥤





I’ve always admired
cool women who can just
apply deep red color in the lips
and look great with it~~




Some people asked me about this,
so I hope you can use it as reference~!







On November 25th (Saturday) and 26th (Sunday),
we have the “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”
which will be held at ZOZO Marines Stadium


The fan club’s first round of advanced ticket reservation
has started~~~! 🎂


The deadline is
Wednesday September 12th at 23:59.



The first day on the 25th ,
will be the last time that Habu-san
will stand together in the stage with Sakurazaka46.



It feels lonesome.


I’m anxious.





We will really miss her…



No matter how many times I think about it,
this is how I honestly feel right now.




In order for Habu-san to feel at ease
and take back home only the happy memories
from being on the stage,
we will do our best until we get to
stand together in ZOZO Marines Stadium!



I really love Habu-san
who everyone else loves too.




I will cherish the remaining time we have,
and continue to learn a lot from her
until the very last moment~!!!! ☺️







2 days of Anniversary Live.

I hope you can enjoy the Sakurazaka46 of today.

Let’s make it an unforgettable time 🙂






See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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