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I went inside a handmade clothes store by myself
The store was run by a married couple and I liked the atmosphere!




I found a cute shirt


The design of the shirt came in 4 different colors
I first went into the store thinking the black one was cute, but the pink one hanging behind it was cute as well


I asked the wife, “Which is better?” And she answered that the black one would make my face look brighter
[t/n: “Which is better?” is written in English]

I then asked her whether black or purple would suit me better
She called her husband, who was working the cash register, and they both chose black



After that, I found a light blue one
(While looking sorry for asking so many times) I asked whether black or light blue would suit me better


They thought about it until the end with me, and said black would make me look younger

So kind



It was in English, but I could tell that the wife probably said “That’s right, I told you black was good from the start”


It’s a memorable shirt


Thank you to the wonderful couple~*
I’m glad they were so kindー






“Japan Expo Malaysia 2023” 🇲🇾

We performed on an outdoor stage


Living day by day, there are moments when I think I’m glad I did my best
I thought of that many times during the performance
All of the Buddies made me feel that way!


Sometimes it’s difficult to do something in a different environment, but I am glad that I was able to get through it in good health with the staff who always help me and the members who make me laugh~






I fell in love with Malaysia 🇲🇾




Thank you very much for the talk event held the other day to commemorate the release of recent Tokyo Dome concert DVD and Blue-ray!
Bingo was also a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

I hope you will watch it again and again from now on 🎠





And, and

Thank very much for the 6th single meet and greets!




I also had so much fun at the real meet and greet

I never experienced a handshake event before, so this was my first time to meet people at such a close distance,,
I was nervous, but I had fun the whole time!


Thank you for coming to meet me*




I hope to see you again soon👸🏻






Summer memories,,

Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai

Thank you very much! I want to perform in a lot of musical festivals next year too~





Thank you very much for LOVE IT ROCK 2023!! too

Gathering with the Love it! family and everyone who loves Love it!, I made wonderful memories

I felt like I was at a school festival

Everyone was shining brightly
I was really impressed that they found time in their busy schedules to practice their instruments and songs

And, I felt the soul of Sambomaster up close at the end!!!

It was very rock, and suddenly
I thought that I’m glad to be alive







🪄Tonight! Wednesday, September 6, from 19:00
I will be appearing on TBS “Todaiou”
I’ve been watching the show since I was in  high school, so I was very happy to guest on it!
I was impressed by the way everyone tackled the difficult questions,,
and I miraculously managed to get some of them right! Please watch it~



🪄Inoue Rina, Takemoto Yui, Yamasaki Ten, and I will appear on “Shikujiri Sensei,” streaming on ABEMA
This is the final part of the show where we will be thinking about “How can Sakurazaka46 become radio stars?”
I asked Wakabayashi-san to give us some practical advice 🌞
Please laugh a lot~!








We’ve entered September and it’s becoming autumn, I have a feeling that this year will be over in the blink of an eye too,,

Spend your time with a lot of laughs, okay?



Ozono Rei

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