How to Subscribe to Sakurazaka Mobame (Android)

Registering for the first time

  1. First you should set up your payment method. Go to Google Playstore menu, and click “Payment methods”
  2. Add your payment method. To pay for mobame, you can only use Visa / MasterCard debit card or credit card. Alternatively, you can also buy Google Play gift card with Japan region
  3. After you set it up, since the application is not available outside Japan, you need to install the apk first. We recommend the one from QooApp, installing it via QooApp’s application will make it easier for you to update it in the future
  4.  Read and agree with the Terms of service, and then you will see this Welcome page
  5. For safety, you SHOULD link your account to an external service right away. They will ensure that your subscription and all the message you have received are properly backed up at worst possible scenarios. They are also used when transferring data (See below)
  6. Click on the member you want to subscribe to, and just follow the easy-to-understand flow of payment. Then you are good!

How to Unsubscribe / Change payment details

  1. The subscription run for a month, so you can unsubscribe at anytime and you will still receive mobame until the day you are supposed to be charged again
  2. Open Google Store menu, and open Subscriptions
  3. The member(s) you are subscribing too will be listed. Click on the one you want to change
  4. You will see these option. To cancel subscription, just click on the button below. To update the primary payment method, make sure that you have registered the new debit card / credit card as 2nd option or setup the Google Play credit (Japan region) in your account in Payment method menu

Changing device & Transferring data

  1. Make sure that your account has been properly linked with an external account
  2. Click “Link to external service”. Register / change it if necessary
  3. Install the application in your new device, and in the Welcome page select “If you want to bring over your account data”, then just select and log in into the account you linked with your mobame


  1. You can change your profile picture into showing yourself. Members could see your name and profile picture when they read your letters
  2. Yes, they do read your letters. And they could memorize a person from the letters they sent. It’s suggested to send them letters before attending handshake / meguri event

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