I cut my bangs a bit. 🫣🤏   This is Endo Riko! (2023.08.09)


Thank you so much for opening this blog. ☺︎

I’m Endo Riko from Saitama!




Currently I just woke up in the middle of the night, and started to write this blog. ☺︎

That’s why I think… this will have a midnight tension once again


By the way this is the night after the Meet & Greet!
I’m currently basking in the afterglow.






I want us to make a heart together. 😙




Please excuse me for the sudden pics~


Though I have wrote this in the title,
I cut my bangs a bit. ☺︎

I wonder if you can see it??


”I wonder if I cut it too short…”

I was worried about that,
But Nagi-chan told me that I’m cute, so I’m happy!!
Nagi-chan will always give me affirmations ☺︎
She’s really reassuring 😌


Ah, right right.
That picture was from the Meet & Greet in 5th August~♪

I rolled my hair outwards, and put Miffy on my hair!!



Since everyone like it when I roll my hair outwards right~☺︎
I smiled a lot because everyone praised me lots~










The 3rd gen got the chance to appear in it ☺︎
Thank you so much for such a precious opportunity!




”Natsu no Chikamichi”,
I was really happy to be able to hear a lot of cheerings!


When I’m dancing to Natsu no Chikamichi,

During the “Kimi wo (kimi wo) umi ni (umi ni)” and “Kimi wo (kimi wo) hoka ni (hoka ni)” lyrics

During the choreography where I’m pointing my fingers
I will always dance to it while looking at everyone’s smiles clearly ☺︎
Since the distance from the stage is also close, I can see you all reaaallly clearly 👀




It was our first time to perform “Seijaku no Bouryoku” in front of you guys!


How was it,?

I was really nervous,.
I hope the 3rd gen can deliver a performance that would resonate in everyone’s heart.




And lastly, we got to perform “BAN”

I danced while having the desire to perform proudly as a Sakurazaka member in mind.

Though I’m still bad at dancing,
I will do my best a lot from now on 💪




I’m really happy that a lot of Buddies came to see us!

I got to see a lot of penlight and hand fans~
Thank you very much 🤭


I also heard the cheerings clearly ☺︎
I also listened to the cheerings before we made our appearance from behind the stage!
I’m really happy ♪








It’s Yu-chan~!
Actually, I’m pretty sure I haven’t post a two-shot of us together,,



Yu-chan is really cute somehow right
Even though it’s a obvious that she’s cute, but she just has this cuteness that other girls doesn’t have 🤭
Her soft tone when speaking and her airhead personality can soothe you ♪

Her dance is also really fierce, her gap is really amazing right.


Yu-chan who is a hard worker and kind, who is loved by everyone ☺︎
I also love her~

That’s right, it will be her birthday soon right! (◎_◎)







Thank you so much for the Meet & Greet ☺︎



Since I did a lot of hair stylings, I’m really conflicted about which pics I should post!


The hair style this time
Everyone said it’s a mature-like hair style ☺︎


That’s why I tried to consciously give a mature-like expression! 😯
How’s it?



I will post the pics of other hairstyles too some other time, wait for it okay~!



Thank you so much for the individual Meet & Greet.

It was such an amazing time to be able to talk a lot to you guys, I had so much fun ☺︎


Also it’s soon gonna be the Real Meet & Greet!!


I wonder if I can meet you guys directly~♪

I’m so excited!
I will be looking forward to it okay!






[Question corner]



◯Do you count banana as a snack?

I do, I think!! lol
I often eat banana as a snack~
Airi also often brought bananas during lessons 🍌🐒



◯What summer vegetable do you like?

I eat tomatoes everyday 🍅
I also like okra, soybeans, and pumpkins~☺︎



◯Do you have any preferences for your bangs?

Ummm, I wonder,
I think I like it when the curl isn’t too curly and it looks natural! lol



◯What scent do you like?

I really like citrus scents!
I also like to eat it 🍊🍋



◯Give me a quote to deal with the heat!

Eat a lot and drink water a lot,
Tomorrow too, let’s do our best together~!💪

Everyone, please be careful with the summer’s heat okay~






🐶What team are you guys? Team Riko of course~!🐶



Are you guys team would-often-joke-around?
or team would-often-retort-to-a-joke?



I think I’m more of the retort type!!


In the 3rd gens,
Miu, Nagi-chan, and Shii-chan
Has an image that they’d often retort to a joke a lot!

For Yu-chan and Airi,
Their joke would often get retorted~☺︎




But everyone is Team Riko right~? lol



#私は理子派 / #I’mTeamRiko

Using that tag,
Please tell me what team you are okay 🫣






Well then,
The blog today will end here!!



Tomorrow is Reina-chan ☺︎

When I was gonna take a picture with Yu-chan,
Reina-chan and the other 3rd gens also joined in in the picture~♪
I want to post it on the next blog!


Ah, and also,
For some reason on Reina-chan’s selfie, there was a picture holder of me 👀 lol

She had such a cheeky face! So cute.



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