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After returning to Japan from Australia


I was dazed for about a week



Everyone I met was really warmhearted,, *


When our eyes meet, they would smile at me
They would say, “Have a nice day!”
When I would take a picture, they would photobomb it

I thought so many times that it’s a wonderful culture〜






I want to go to all the places I can go to while I’m still alive





I also thought there were unexpectedly some things that I could convey with gestures and whatever English I could squeeze out
I also wanted to improve my English communication skills


I want to be able to understand English!


I never had this feeling when I was a student
Ah, I’m sorry to my English teacher






you too〜♡ is a very useful phrase
I used it when people said really nice things to me

Then I was happy they smiled back



I was able to spend time realizing that I was now having a valuable experience in my life






This time, I went to Cairns, Australia for the “Love it!” location shoot and enjoyed the many activities to the fullest!!


I was also able to hold a koala! It was warm and cute~~🐨

I was very moved to see the beautiful sea creatures up close with the Seawalker




And my fondest memory was bungee jumping together with Kira-chan!!!

Mitorizu’s Moriyama-san took the plunge and jumped without hesitation before us,
So it gave us the courage to do our best too!!



I didn’t want to regret not doing it



The time spent standing and waiting at the edge of the platform was the scariest 🥲

All it took was a moment of courage



I felt really refreshed after jumping!




I was happiest that my first time abroad was together with Kira-chan〜






Cairns, Australia, I want to go back again someday



I also found Matsu








It was just announced earlier, but.,,!
Sakurazaka 46 will perform at “Japan Expo Malaysia 2023”

We had a lot of support from the people around us and from the staff,We can go out into the world and perform,
And we can come back safely to Japan

I feel very grateful




Thank you to everyone who accepts us in the countries we go to
Thank you too to everyone who said “Have a good trip!” and is waiting in Japan~


We’ll do our best to make Sakurazaka46 known in Malaysia too!







Thank you very much for the individual meet and greets for the 6th single, right up to the very end

I went to Shinsekai the day before so I would be able to answer if someone asked me about the highlights there!






Handwritten notes by TAKAHIRO-sensei and the same materials that we usually receive when we are working on our projects are on display
In any case, I think you will be able to see many rare items

I want you to take a good look at every single thing on the floor



The Cool key rings are too cute
I want all 14 of them



I was hoping to get a matching Cool shirt for the meet and greet too, but
They were sold out by the time I got there,,!
I’m glad to hear that 👕







In the final area, I also wrote “se”



I’m also looking forward to the real meet and greet next week!!
If you are coming from out of town, please visit Shinsekai as well~*



🐊Wednesday, August 9, from 19:00
I will appear on the 3-hour special of “World Limit Mystery” ✨
Watching make-up transformations, exposing an affair, and deducing what kind of operations were used to rescue the victims of the incident that happened in Thailand,,, there is plenty of content!
Please check it out!



【Apolgy & Correction】
Sorry, I got the date wrong for when “Shikujiri Sensei” will be airing🥲
I will announce it again in the future!
[t/n: this part of the blog was updated to this after it was initially posted to correct the mistake]





Recently, I’ve been wanting to tell you about myself


Because what we do while we can’t meet is important






I listen to KOHAKU-san’s “City Girl” when going to and from places, so please listen to it


Tell me about you too, okay?





Ozono Rei




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