#Sakurazaka46_JapanExpoParis (2023.08.09)

I thought that maybe I’d never leave Asia for my entire life

thinking “but perhaps, somehow…”


And then I suddenly left for my first trip to Europe.

That obviously made me so happy, I was excited to take lots and lots of pictures…



And so, though it is just an excuse,

I ended up with so many pictures I couldn’t really write a blog!!

But I’ve decided what to post so now I’m writing it!!










The letters on the monitor caught my eye the moment I entered the venue.


Just looking at how “SAKURAZAKA46” and “IN PARIS” are lined up next to each other I was already so touched πŸ₯Ή It was in that moment that I could feel how real it is.


Before the performance, we were able to visit the event venue, and we were able to meet several overseas Buddies there.


It’s wonderful that we found each other.


I’ll never forget the look in their eyes…


It makes me want to go see them a lot so that they don’t feel sad about not being able to see us so easily because of the distance between us…


And at the same time, there were Japanese Buddies who traveled so far to support us!!
You guys are really, really awesome. I am sincerely grateful for you being there. Thank you very much!!





I will never forget the scenery that I saw and the feelings that I felt during the concert!


Thank you very much for this precious opportunity.








We also shot lots of different content for Buddies who couldn’t come to enjoy πŸ₯°πŸ‡«πŸ‡·


Have you seen it on YouTube already~?

✈️ https://youtu.be/dZKxH5uclFo

✈️ https://youtu.be/nP-lJdGXUz8



It might be easier for you to understand the pictures I will be posting after watching these YouTube videosπŸ“Έ

Let me share my memories with you~!




First of all, when you mention Paris, what comes to mind is… Eiffel tower!!




Yuipon also made it here safely πŸ˜€




Arc de triomphe de l’Γ‰toile!!

I looked so happy it made me glad 🫠 lol lol




How is it that just by taking pictures when you go for a walk, they all end up looking so good…

The scenery was so beautiful that I walked around with a grin on my face







When I was taking a picture with the traffic light, a girl gradually walked into the frame, perhaps because she wanted to be in the shot. But she didn’t look at the camera at all!
She’s such a tsundere, she was cute! πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’–





The most recommended food that I’m told by a fan in meguri, “galette”

It was truly so delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ΄









The day when we were split into three teams for sight-seeing🀍


I went to a traveling carnival in Tuileries Garden 🎑


I went with Kira-chan, Hika-chan, and Ten-chan 🫢 It’s an amusement park-like lineup of members, isn’t it? 🫢


It was such an exciting place filled with glitter and glamour that I wanted to spend the whole day there.


I was so shocked to know that such an amusement park exists!!

Just being there made me so happy… πŸŽͺ🎠




Hika-chan, who took pictures of me being excited and taking so many pictures 🌱 I didn’t notice it at all~🀭 lol



That’s right,


The pictures I took of the three members who went with me are amazing…


I think it’s a shame to keep it in my camera roll, so I’m posting them here.










I was able to take some really cute pictures, not just because of the members, but also because of the coloring of the camera πŸ“Έ Absolutely satisfied 😍



I uploaded many more pictures on Instagram, so please take a look at them~ β™‘

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu80M6tvIKU/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu803gCP-t4/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu81A8UvhuB/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cu81FZtve-K/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cvomly-vpfE/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

🎞 https://www.instagram.com/p/Cvomzunvkn1/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==








That’s all!


It was truly a precious, grateful, and joyful time.


I hope that it may lead to another chance…





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