I got the permission to call her Yumi-san 😳 (2023.04.01)

It has been 11 days 🙌🏻 KonNagi~



My previous was so long, Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) told me it was more like a report…

Apparently, it was around 3500 [Japanese] characters long lol lol

Thank you very much

to everyone who read such a long blog


Let’s have a lot of chat today as well~ 👍🏻


🌷Meet & Greet🌷

📸 From March 25th

I think you’ll understand just by looking at the picture…
I was just having the best time of my life. Thank you very much 😭

Ever since my very first Meet & Greet, everyone has been sharing their happiness with me.

Also, one thing I realized this time is that I’m bad at making nicknames… I’m sorry for those who I failed to answer right away 🙏

I’m so bad at improvising on the spot, that the time was over when I was still thinking about what to answer…


But for those who I answered with “I will think about it later!”,
I did think about them properly after the Meet & Greet 👍🏻
I don’t have any sense of naming though lol lol, but look forward to it~



I wonder if there is anyone who watched the fixed cam!?


❶ At first, together with Reina (Odakura Reina) and Yuu (Murai Yuu)!

The three of us are basically food lovers who love to laugh.
Riko (Endo Riko), sorry for talking a lot about your secrets, please forgive me 😗


After that, I came with Yuzu.

Together with Rika (Ishimori Rika), I took the liberty to call the three of us “Big Sister Group”.


Although the two of them
retorted by saying
“Isn’t it just because you are all tall!?” lol


What do you think, everyone??
I admit that I’m the youngest of the three 🙃


There are many people who called the duo between Yuzu and me “YuzuNagi”, but the truth is, after the audition, we happen to walk beside each other,

And Yuzu suddenly said
“We are the ShimaShima duo, huh?”.
So that’s why YuzuNagi are the “ShimaShima(嶋島) duo”.

T/N: from Kanji in their names, Nakashima (中嶋) and Kojima (小島) → Hence 嶋島


Back then I was like, “What’s with this girl?”, given that it was our first meeting lol (It was my first conversation with Yuuzu).

When we were in the waiting room for the audition, my impression that she was a mature person was strong…


If you ask me why we never make our pairing name public, we’re both thinking that the name is kinda lame, so we’re thinking about a new one.


Does any of you have any good idea!?
Please let us know some other time~ 🎶


❸ After that, Inoue-san and Takemoto-san (Happy Birthday!) came, and also Airi (Taniguchi Airi) and Mio (Matono Mio) came!

Many people were there, so to make sure that we are all within the frame, I was able to legally squeeze close to them. Thank you very much, that made me so happy!


❹ Lastly, together with Seki Yumiko-san, Tamura Hono-san, and Moriya Rena-san!

Really, I thought that the screen is going to break [from their beauty]…

I want to get the footage from that time (desperate for it)


~ What leads to that footage ~

After the 2nd session ended, in order to closely worship my beloved dark-haired Tamura-san (I love everyone though!) (She’s just soo cute 😭), I approached and talked to her, which was the first time that I managed to have a conversation with Tamura-san 😭😭😭

She was so close, but I couldn’t speak at all because I got nervous…

When I told her,
“Your hairstyle looks good on you, you look really cute!!!” (fast-paced),
With a smile on her face, she said,
“For real? Thanks!”, and I was shot through the heart.

And at that time I said to her,
“I hope we can appear on the fixed camera together later!!!! (fast-paced)”,
and then we left it at that for later.


After the 4th session ended, Seki Yumiko-san was there nearby, and I already made up my mind to talk to her that day,

I asked her “Please take a picture with me!”,

and then she invited me for a chat together 😭😭😭


That was when I got the consent which I put in the blog title.

Yumi-san, thank you very much!!! Love you.

It was the first time I spoke with a senior just by myself for such a long time… so I was simply just happy ☺️


Yumi-san praised how my voice is loud and clear, so it will always be my pride and joy. I will not forget about it.


And then after those happy moments have passed,

by such a sudden turn of events,

Tamura-san invited us, saying “Let’s go together, all the three of us” 😭😭😭


(Inside my head was like…) !?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!


After that, I breathed the same air as Yumi-san and Tamura-san in the elevator, and as we headed to the fixed camera, Moriya Rena-san came by, saying “I’m coming too~” while smiling, so the four of us ended up going there!


They were so cute and adorable, I was all flustered from happiness.


I had such a wonderful time.
Thank you very much Tamura-san, Moriya-san, Yumi-san!! After that, I was scared that something bad might occur. Nothing happened though ✌️

I’ll do my best to talk to them even more!!!


The story keeps on getting derailed…

Thank you to those who came!
Let’s get to meet each other more from now on 👍🏻
To those I’m meeting next time, let’s enjoy the concert together!!



🌷I appeared on TV🌷

I appeared on Shinshu TV program “Yuugata Get!”! Thank you to those who watched it.
T/N: Shinshuu is how the area within Nagano prefecture used to be called


I used to watch “Yuugata Get!” during holidays when I was in school 👀
Also, for some reason whenever I watch it, it was always either the “Enkaku Sousa 5-Fun Shopping (Remotely controlled 5 minutes shopping)”, or “Guru-guru Kaiten!! Amida to Roulette (Spin-it around, ghost leg and roullete)”.

Maybe the people from Shinshuu understand what I mean?? Please take a look if you’re curious 👍🏻


This time, I was featured in the segment of “Shinshuu Yukari no Performer Ouen Kikaku (Support the Performers associated with Shinshuu)”. Other than talking about Sakurazaka46, I also talked about “Natsu no Chikamichi”, and also things that I like.

I’m so grateful that they’re featuring me for the whole week.

I’ll do my best to be an idol who can cheer up and become the strength for others, not just for you Buddies, but also for all people in the Nagano prefecture!



It made me happy to see many people from Nagano prefecture came to the Meet & Greet, or people who said that they will visit Nagano soon.


Apparently, there are also those who are doing pilgrimage? to the place where I took my Vlog 😳



A bit of a story behind the scene… 🤏🏻

Actually that day I also ate other kinds of stuff apart from the oyaki and mitarashi dango lol lol

I didn’t eat much during the shooting, but I had quite some time before moving from one place to another, so additionally I ate the limited-time Maitake Oyaki by Iroha-do (I’m eating it every day), also beef croquette, and also the castella by Sumikkogurashi…

I really ate so much lol
It was delicious ☺︎


Many also asked about recommended souvenirs to buy in Nagano. There is this famous supermarket “TSURUYA” in Nagano, and I recommend their original jam and bottles of fruit sauce!

The jam in particular has a lot of flavors so just choosing which one to buy is fun (I like the strawberry jam 🍓). For the sauce, there are raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry, but I recommend raspberry. I like berries so I’m stocking the sauces at my home, but I love them all ❤︎

It’s quite far from the train station so it might be a bit inconvenient, but try to get one if you’d like to 👍🏻



I will be featured in the “MORE” magazine June edition, which will be published on April 27th (Wed)!

I was nervous during the photoshoot, but the people there talked to me a lot and created such a great vibe during the shooting! It was fun ☺︎

I’m thankful for being chosen!
I will talk more about the photoshoot after it was released~
I believe you’ll see a different side of me, so look forward to it!



Sakurazaka46 2023 Desk Calendar is on sale! 🗓
If you managed to buy it by April 2nd (Sun), it will come with a sticker, so it’s a good deal to buy it by tomorrow!

Please check it out 👀


📸 Off-shot

Usually, I have a ponytail for my hairdo, but for this, it was styled into a bun. It got me hyped on that day.

I was wearing a pajama with a lemon pattern and a knit [cardigan] 🍋🧶
I’m happy about it since I also like to eat a lemon whole!!

The two-shots I took with Mio (Matono Mio) on that day is set as the home screen of my phone

Mio already posted half of it on her blog,
so if you’d like try to combine this one with hers to create the whole picture 👍🏻
Try to arrange them up~!

🌷Continuing my self-introduction🌷

My favorite foods are basically things that are delicious
Hence, be it either meat, fish, vegetable, rice, fruits, or any other thing, I just like them all!

I don’t like okara (soybean pulp) and pickled plum!
During a sleepover party in kindergarten, the pickled plum rice ball I ate was so bitter, it gave me trauma.
I wonder if it’ll change if I eat it now~?



Also, this is something that got asked a lot during the Meet & Greet,
If I’m to squeeze down my favorite VTubers, it will be Ars Almal-san and Shinomiya Runa-san! Lately, I’m not able to watch their streams, but I will certainly watch it during my day off 👀


The singers I like are back number-san and Nishino Kana-san.
I’m the type who will keep on repeating a song once I got fond of it.
I’m listening to a lot to their songs every year ☺︎


By the way, the song I listened to the most last year is “Kimi no Koibito ni Nattara (If I become your lover)” (more like for the last few years lol).
Everyone, let’s get lost together with a map, blanket, and water bottle 👍🏻
T/N: referring from the lyrics in back number’s song


I often talk and get hyped about back number-san together with Itoha (Mukai Itoha).
I hope we can go to their concert together one day☺︎



That is all for today!! I ended up writing too much again.
Thank you for reading it up until now 🙇‍♀️



As mentioned in Shii’s (Yamashita Shizuki) blog, she found out about the picture of her that I put in a decorated hard case 🫣
You’re my oshimen ❤︎ Love you, ehee…
All of you Shii’s fans, please don’t get mad
Let’s enjoy our fan activities together 🎶


Next will be Airi (Taniguchi Airi)~
Recently, I went out with Airi and Miu (Murayama Miu) ☺︎</

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