A place that you can always come back to (2023.03.31)

Happy Friday☺️



Since it’s the season for sakura flowers to bloom, I’ve been wanting to take a walk down the slope where blooming sakura trees are beautifully lined up along the sides. 

Spring is in full swing, complete with the warm and sunny weather🌸




Thank you
for meet & greet.


Every time we have it, I enthusiastically think to myself
“Today, I’ll make everyone who visits me smile lots~☆”

Everyone has been telling me they like me, so on the contrary, I’m the one that ends up smiling.

Thank you. I love you all so much.


Also, I was happy to hear from some people that they like my blog!

I mentioned this before, but I’m a nerd for analyzing things, so sometimes I try to include underlying themes in my own blog……
Be sure to try uncovering them lol


Today is Friday so
it’d be nice if you could read this with some alcohol or seltzer and a snack.




𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄

Today is March 31st, the last day of the school year.


On a personal note, I’ve graduated from high school.

The fact that I was loved by those around me
and that I loved them in return

I took a moment to deeply, deeply appreciate this at the graduation ceremony. 


You experience a lot of good and a lot of bad throughout 18 years of life.


There were days I’d be so happy about my hard work paying off that I’d eat an entire cake with my friends,
but there were also times when I’d had my feelings hurt and cried so much that my memory went foggy.

But even so, no matter what happened in the past, I think it’s all valuable experience that helped make me who I am today.

I think it’d be good to use the inexperience of my teenage years¹ to help me become an admirable human being.

[t/n¹   so she says 青い記憶 here and researching what that means yielded very little. Looking on twitter, quite a few people were marveling at the idea of a teenager using this phrase so my guess is it’s very literary writing or perhaps an older reference. I’m taking my best guess here based on context + meaning of the individual words]




I’ll continue my idol activities with love and gratitude, so please treat me lovingly~

I’ll be looking forward to your support!




𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄

I’d like to answer a few questions that I’ve received through your letters as well as during meet & greet.


○Book recommendations for Spring?
“Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita²” (In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom) by Sakaguchi Ango
This work is one that really captivated me, as his interpretation of the role that “loneliness” has in life matches that of my own.
Furthermore, the way he describes the falling sakura petals with “shitoshito³” is really good and his choice of title is excellent.

It’s a somewhat frightening story, but you can read it quickly through the Aozora Bunko⁴, so please look it up if you’d like.
(🔍Aozora Bunko        Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita)

You’re certain to remember it any time you see sakura trees.


Save the world, become a genius, turn your life around, have your body taken over by a monster……
Opening up a whole new world just by reading a book is the best~📕

[t/n: ok..
²   This was initially written incorrectly (Mankai no Mori no Sakura no Shita) but it has since been fixed 
³   “Shitoshito” is normally used to describe a gentle rainfall so it’s quite illustrious to use it for falling petals
⁴   Japanese digital library]



○Manga or Anime that you’ve seen recently?
・Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
・Jigokuraku (Hell’s Paradise)
・HoriMiya (Hori-san and Miyamura-kun)
・Blue Lock
・Bungo Stray Dogs
・Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8)



○Do you read poetry?
I haven’t gotten to reading much poetry yet.

What I like among the ones I do know,


is Terayama Shuuji’s “Umi ga Suki dattara” (If You Like the Sea)

My family likes the ocean, so since I was little they’ve taken me often. 
Whenever they’d take me, I’d gaze out into the ocean and think of this poem, wondering what love is.

…… I was a weird child.



○Music I Like
I really love vocaloids and can get into pretty much anything from between 2013~2020. 

In particularly, I’ve listened to a lot of KagePro. (Kagerou Project)

I was always acting like a chuunibyou⁵, so people wouldn’t notice, but even now when I listen to KagePro, the corners of my mouth turn up into a grin.
Losstime Memory, Children Record, Outer Science, Yobanashi Deceive……
There’s so many I like that I can’t even pick a favorite.

・indigo la End

[t/n⁵   If you’re not weeb enough to know what this means, just google it. The wikipedia explanation is good enough. However what is of note here is that she uses the spelling 厨二病, which afaik is more internet/2ch slang-y compared to the more “official” spelling 中二病 ]



○Special skills outside of violin and golf?
I like observing people, so I can kinda do impressions. 
The impression I’m best at is of Tachibana Saki (Ayase Haruka-san) calling Minakata-sensei in JIN.



I look forward to hearing more and more of your questions!


𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄

Fixed Cam

The 3rd gens have made their fixed cam debut!
I might seem different from how you all imagined me…? so please enjoy next time as well~



𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄

Stories About the 3rd Gen

Today I have a story about Mio (Matono Mio) and Shiichan (Yamashita Shizuki).


Mio and I get along really well and have fun together.
At the training camp, every day the three of us staying in Team A’s room would laugh so hard we’d start crying.
Mio really likes kaki-pi⁶, and so even though she’d often snack on them as a treat, since she’s the youngest and so kind, she also shared a lot with Nagi and I throughout the 5 days we were staying there together.

[t/n⁶  Japanese snack, a mix of soy flavored rice crackers and peanuts]


Shiichan has a beautiful silhouette.
I really love how she looks from behind, but whenever I tell her that she gets angry and pouts. Lately she’s been hitting me just as hard as Riko does… but since she still keeps sticking close to me, I’m sure it’s just the flip side of her love for me. She’s a cute cat with a charming tsundere side.



𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄 𓐄

And so, tomorrow begins a new school year.
No matter what it is, a new beginning is always stressful.
But perhaps there will also be a moment when your heart has become full of new surroundings and new people. 

I hope that you’ll be able to take a moment to stop,
and walk slowly without having to rush,

Everyone, please tell me all about your good times and your bad times
whenever you’d like.


I’m always thinking of all of you,
I’ll make you a place that you can always come back to any time you’d like🙆🏻‍♀️


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫

This was Odakura Reina!



Tomorrow will be Nagi!
Together, Reina and Nagi makes “Reinyagi.”
We’ll be looking forward to your support.


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