I love you 💙🤍 (2022.06.01)


It’s Moriya Rena🍒





The other day, Risa-san’s graduation concert was held✨


Everyone who came down to the venue
And everyone who watched the stream
Thank you very much…



It was the last time we could perform at a concert with her
so I burned each and every precious moment into my heart.


We were able to send Risa-san off with a smile up to the end
Thank goodness☺︎


Once again, congratulations to Risa-san on your graduation..







I love Risa-san〜💗






I got her message on a heart💓





With Fuyuka-san ♡
The penlight-colored costumes were so cute










Kira-zou, Matsuri-chan〜☺︎










Us having a chat on the steps… ♡





It was so fun





From here onwards
I want to keep doing kotsu kotsu on Risa-san’s behalf as well〜😉💗








See ya〜




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