A dream or reality? The back of my hand that hit… (2022.06.01)


A dream or reality?



The back of my hand that hit the corner of the picture frame, sure hurt!


Hence, reality!








I was able to talk about my favorite illustrators in Sokosaku’s passionate presentation episode ❤️‍🔥

As a surprise,
ningen-san and ohana-san gave illustrations of myself as a present…

I have them framed and on display~*






















It’s so cute… ♡
Looking at them makes me happy



The hairstyle, uniform, notes, cheese, etc.
To have my features included,

I’m very happy! Thank you so much!

In the program, I introduced four illustrators: Nakamura Yusuke-san, ningen-san, ohana-san, and naotte-san*


How I came to like them
What I like about them
What I collect

If I wrote down what attracted me to each of them
It would be a ridiculously long post, so

I would be happy
if you could check them out on GYAO!


From here 〜✴︎


Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?: Passionate Presentation on the Things I Like! Aired on May 8, 2022


If you have an illustrator you’d like to recommend
Please let me know!





In connection to drawing…


🤍Tomorrow, Thursday, June 2, 19:00~.
I will appear on “Prebat!” .

I tried my hand at colored pencils and haiku


I am very happy because this is a program that my family watches!


Both colored pencils and haiku were difficult.
I took my time and took it seriously, so 

I hope you will enjoy it*



Thank you so much for your support at the meet and greet on May 28th and 29th!


I was so happy to hear that some of you said “I’ll watch Prebat!”*



Also, also
I felt like there were more people who came to see me for the first time.
I’m very happy…🌷


The 4th single Samidare yo’s meet and greet, and special event as well
Let’s enjoy until the end!




















See you*



Ozono Rei


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