I think each one of us has our own situations (2022.09.20)

I think each one of us has our own situations, but

I’m really worried about the typhoon… 



I pray you can get through it safely 🫧








There are a looot of things I haven’t been able to write about yet since I was recovering

It ended up long, but

Here it is along with photos *











Thank you very much to everyone who came!


















During the meet and greet the next day, I heard a lot of impressions so the afterglow of the LIVE stayed with me for a long time 🎈




And and

Oze-san and Ao-tan were so beautiful*




She was really, really supportive… there were many times when I was able to do my best with the words from Oze-san


Just as I received kindness from Oze-san, I want to be a person who can give kindness to others




I want to go on a cheese tour〜〜🧀




There were many things I could talk about with Ao-tan because we are the same age


I also admired the way she spends her time doing so many different things!


I will always support Ao-tan on her continued path 🥕








“Inazuma Rock Fes 2022”

Thank you very much to everyone who came ⚡️







We were right beside Lake Biwa!



Yui-chan looked really happy…♡

So I was very happy too!



Above all, I am grateful that the event was held safely!


We performed with the feeling of this will be a chance for people to get to know Sakurazaka46!


I want to go back to Shiga Prefecture!


It’s great to be able to perform in your hometown!

I hope to do it in Kagoshima someday!












Special Talk Event,

Thank you very much to everyone who came to see me🎤



In any case, it was so close!!

It was a different feeling from doing meet and greets through the screen!



I was able to answer many questions

I was also able to see everyone off at the end of the event…



It’s an event I hope to do again〜〜














“CDTV Live! Live!”


“Buzz Rhythm 02”









Thank you very much to everyone who watched!











Also, thank you very much to everyone who watched the “Miracle 9” 2-hour special!


I was able to answer the quiz better than last time

It was a lot of fun!!



Yesterday’s Nobiraji as well!

Rina-san and I learned about short skits and small talk ability

Thank you very much to everyone who listened!

NHK Net Radio “Rajiru★Rajiru” has a stream for those who missed it


You can also watch the after talk on the YouTube channel “NABE”!





Please listen to it*







🤍Tomorrow, September 21 (Wednesday),  starting at 19:00

I will be appearing on “The Time Shock 2022”!


This time is the first time we will be competing as a team


I teamed up with Saiki Reika and Nogizaka46’s Kitagawa Yuri for the challenge!


It’s a 3-hour special


Please try to solve the quiz with us🎓



🤍Tomorrow, September 21 (Wednesday), starting at 8:00

I will appear on “Love it!”


It’s in the middle of the week,

I’d be glad if it could make you smile from the morning 🐰





Last week, I became a cookie🍪



“Manna-Tanuki”, who makes icing cookies, made these cookies for us


I was so happy that I actually kept them without eating them yet… They are so cute, I can’t stop looking at them!




Thank you so much for preparing them*

















Cherish the time you have together


Tell them when you can

Stick together when you can



Spend it in a way that you will not regret it*




Ozono Rei

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