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Thank you so, so much
for “Inazuma Rock Fes 2022!”

First off, it’s been announced that tomorrow, the third day of the event, will be cancelled.
I had wished from the bottom of my heart for all 3 days of Inazuma Rock Fes to be a success, so both as a performer and as a resident of Shiga, it’s really frustrating.

So many people gave us performers their support so that we could give the best performance we could. The warm and passionate staff, everyone involved in putting together the event, the performers themselves, and the fans. When I think of what they all must be feeling, my chest tightens.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first time in 3 years this event could be held here. As a fan of Inazuma Rock Fes, I sincerely hope next year it can be held for all 3 days.

So this post might start to get a little bit long here but
please let me relay my feelings about the event.

It was a day that a big, big dream of mine came true.

To everyone who could share that moment with me,
thank you from the bottom of my heart!

When I was in high school, I moved from Shiga to Tokyo to begin my activities as an idol. Everyone from my hometown was worried, but continued to cheer me on. Of course, they still do now as well.

I’ve been wondering for a while now
how I can reciprocate all the support I’ve been receiving from everyone in Shiga
But I feel like yesterday’s performance was one step forward in doing that.

Seeing everyone coming to the show, watching with tears in their eyes as if to say “Thank you for everything,” made me so happy!

I was able to come back here feeling proud,
puffing out my chest,
knowing I’m part of such a wonderful group, performing with such wonderful people.

It was such a wonderful time, I couldn’t help but have fun and feel happy from the bottom of my heart.

I got to do this performance, relishing the happiness
from being able to play music on the Inazuma Rock Fes stage that I love so much
together with my fellow beloved members.

For me, Inazuma Rock Fes
is a truly special event!

When I was living in Shiga,
whenever Inazauma Rock Fes was coming up soon
all of downtown would be engrossed in the event, everything would gradually become more lively and bright
all my friends and I would talk about would be who we thought might come to Inazuma this year; it’d be the talk of the town
Inazuma is an event that would make everyone there the happiest they’d been all year.

Inazuma Rock Fes is so important to everyone there; it makes people feel proud to be from Shiga.

During the MC, I talked about how I attended the event 4 years ago as a viewer,
but if I told myself back then that the next time I’d be there would be as a performer standing up on stage, there’s no way I would have believed something so incredible could happen!

And there’s one more reason why it’s special to me.

I’m currently attending university,

but in the entrance exam for that university, I wrote about Inazuma Rock Fes for my essay.

I took the entrance exam for this school because I wanted to give back to Shiga, my home that has helped me and raised me even as I worked as an idol.

And now, through that goal, I’m able to learn about the subject that I wanted to study!

All of this is thanks to Inazuma Rock Fes,

and it was a dream of mine to perform there while I was still in school

so the fact that it came true has made me so happy!

Above all else,

the fact that I could convey all the gratitude I have towards Inazuma Rock Fes directly to Nishikawa-san himself,
made me so happy.

I admire Nishikawa-san so much that meeting him for the first time made me nervous to the point that it felt like my breathing would stop. But I was very grateful for all the kind words he said to me.

After it was our turn to perform, when I greeted Nishikawa-san again, I was crying from the happiness of having my dream fulfilled..

It’s thanks to Nishikawa-san that I could enjoy such a wonderful event and make so many great memories. I’m sincerely grateful.

And then, I couldn’t believe it, somehow I even got to meet the governor of Shiga, Mikazuki Taizo… I’ll treasure this photo with the two of them for the rest of my life!☺️
I tensed up even more when Governor Mikazuki gave me some words of encouragement!

Backstage, a lot of people, including those visiting Shiga, told me “Welcome back” or “Keep up the good work.” Everytime they greeted me, it’d make me so happy it felt like I could start crying.

I was so happy to see Kikko-san, who I’ve wanted to see for a long time, as well as the staff from FM Shiga, come to the event.

Kikko-san doing Sakura pose… so happy…🌸

I’ll keep doing my best to convey the charm of Shiga on FM Shiga’s “Takemoto Yui no Kanjite Shiga Rhythm!”✨

I’d be happy if you could all continue to listen to it☺︎

After our performance, we stayed behind at the venue to watch Nishikawa-san perform. It was really, truly, amazing..

I really enjoyed all of it, thinking that this is what festivals are meant to be, this is the power of music, it’s all so wonderful.

I was moved by those words,
“I’ve missed you, Inazuma!!”

I felt so happy that I could share a stage with someone who has such an amazing love for the event he created, and so fortunate that I could participate in it. I felt my respect for him all over again.

Once again, I’m so grateful to everybody for granting my wish! Thank you so very much!

Photos of the memories we made.

This Inazuma T-shirt was too cute, I had to buy it☺︎
I was happy to see the Sakurazaka46 logo on the back as well🌸

The Nishikawa mochi was delicious~🌿

I also had the Inazuma Rock Curry produced by Nishikawa-san and I was amazed by how delicious it was🍛✨

Being able to perform on a stage that you could see Lake Biwa from,
having my fill of the air and the smell of the wind of Shiga that I love so much,
eating lots of Shiga’s delicious local food,
it was the best time ever.

It was a day that made me feel that I could work hard, and made me dream of getting to work in Shiga again someday.

Thank you truly so much…!✨

The tour will be starting at the end of this month.
Until the opening day of the tour,
I’ll be giving our preparations everything I’ve got,

so that we can show people from all over the country the strong points of Sakurazaka46, and what we’ve improved upon through our conviction.

By all means, please, be sure to look forward to it!!!

I’ll be looking forward to the day we get to meet again☺︎
See you then!

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