I’d like to do my best in 2022* 🐯 lol (2022.01.10)

*The JP title have a pun on it: γŒγ‚“γ°γ‚ŠγŸγ„γŒγƒΌ Ganbaritaiga (Taiga = Tiger)


Good evening



to the new adults!


I wish you all the best from now on☺️✨




And thank you very much

to you who came to the venue,

to you who have watched the stream

of both days of BACKS LIVE!✨


I’d be happy if the fiery feeling and fun that we have put in this concert could reach you by a lot!



And I will do my best as not to forget this experience so that I can make use of it from now on.☺︎


My centered song this time is “Kimi to Boku to Sentakumono”.

During the tour, I watched this song’s performance on the monitor and seeing how Run-chan seemingly having fun doing various different things at the end,

I chose this song with the feeling of wanting to do a song that would bring a smile to everyone’s face.


On the second day, Fuuchan poked my cheek, and it surprised me. Lol

I hope that I was able to deliver a heartwarming time that is just like this song.☺️

I’d be happy to be able to hear your thoughts on this somewhere!









See ya~



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