I’m homeー! (2024.03.09)






Hello, it’s Yuuzu





Thank you for “Music Station” yesterday! 🌸🖤


The new costume is wonderful

The hairstyle was unusual for me, so I took some more photos even after I went home







The tour has started!

Fukuoka, thank you very much ♡

My hometown.

Actually, doing a performance in Marine Messe was one of my dreams.

Hearing “Welcome home” from everyone made me really really happy. I’ll do my best so that I can say “I’m home” again next time.


I love Fukuokaー!!! See you again, Fukuokaー!!!







The additional shows were also announced on the first day of the Fukuoka concert.


The conversation I had with the seniors after hearing this announcement felt so special to me that I will never forget it ever.


While meeting eyes and talking with the members,
There was a moment when I realized “So this is why I’m having so much fun now.”


I keep thinking how it’s such a happy thing to be able to stand on stage with my seniors and the third gen members, so I can’t help but feel excited to hear such good news


Everyone, let’s enjoy the shows together








My personal series on Ariyoshiiieee!’s YouTube channel, “Nakashima Yuzuki’s Minecraft Broadcast” has started!

Thank you very much.

I’m enjoying the game at a relaxed~ pace… Please check it out ☁️


The next episode will be posted

Tomorrow, March 10th (Sun) at 10:00~

Look forward to it 🦭








Wishing you nothing but good things 🌻




With my dog at home after the concert. Smiley smile





See you




From Yuuzu

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