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I’m Sakurazaka46’s Inoue Rina.




Seki Yumiko’s graduation ceremony was held during Fukuoka’s tour performance.




Yumiko, congratulations on your graduation.


After I heard that she will be graduating, I was saying things like “Let’s continue to meet each other even after graduation!” and acted like I wasn’t sad, and actually thought I felt that way, but as her graduation ceremony approached I began feeling sadder and sadder.


But I couldn’t really say that to Yumiko.
Yumiko, who is stepping onto her next path, looked so cool.


Maybe that’s why.




We talked a lot with each other, both in good times and bad.
I think that we have shared a lot of feelings.

I received a lot of support from her. I think I have always been supported by her. Truly, thank you very much.



A lot of things happened, but we were still kids back then. Now we can just reminisce and laugh about it.


I’m sure no matter how old we become, we’ll still talk about these days.



Among all the things we would talk about, there were times where we’d have seemingly endless conversations without any resolution, and in those times we’d watch movies or anime that Yumiko recommended, or talk about our favorite music until morning.


When I was about to fall asleep, she would enthusiastically say, “This part is important, so you gotta watch it!” lol


I quite liked those kinds of moments lol



I wasn’t good at talking about my own hobbies and such, but when I talked about it with Yumiko we have similarities, and it makes me happy how she really seemed to enjoy listening to me



Every moment is a precious memory that I spent together with Yumiko.



I am truly glad that Yumiko could wear such a beautiful dress at her graduation ceremony and that it could be held with so many people watching.


When I asked what kind of dress she’ll wear, she spoke about it happily.


Even though I feel sad, when I see how Yumiko talks about it with a smile on her face, it made me feel happy and glad as well.


I think it’s weird that my sadness has turned into a happy feeling, but this sort of thing happens sometimes, doesn’t it?


I told her, “You look so cute! So pretty!” many times over,
but I’ll say it in my blog again.
Yumiko was beautiful to the very end.



Yumiko is one of the reasons I could make it this far.
I am truly glad to have been able to meet Yumiko.


I will cherish the words Yumiko said to me during the tour. Thank you.


Let’s continue to go out together from now on.
And lend me your ear again.
Let’s be friends forever.


Truly, thank you for everything up until now.
And I will continue to be in your care.





Ah, speaking of which
We made a promise to go out to eat together, but I think yakiniku would be great. I’m sure Yumiko would love to eat yakiniku as well, right?
Then it’s decided!




And the Kanagawa performances will start tomorrow.


This is the latter half of the tour, but I’ll do my best to show you an even more powerful performance!

I look forward to seeing all of you!
Let’s have fun together

I’ll be waiting for you ♪





Well then, I’m ending it around here





Oh, speaking of which, our spots for changing clothes during concerts is always next to each other

“Eh! We are together again!? Why!”

so I said, but we won’t be anymore.



Alright, I’ll continue to give it my best from tomorrow!



Thank you very much for reading until the end.



Bye by~e 🐱

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