The phenomenon of getting sleepy right before I arrive at my destination still hasn’t changed since a long time ago… even though I had hours to spare leading up to it (2023.05.22)








I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki,

from Kyoto



I planned to write about golden week

in my last blog,

but I forgot to

That’s why it was somewhat short





Thank you very much

for opening my blog again this time

despite that



Well then, getting right to it…


How did you spend it?

Yamashita, who spent it relaxed and leisurely, is not fond of crowds.



When I go out,

wearing earphones or headphones is a must…

When either of them run out of battery,

my willingness to leave the house disappears



I think that there must be a lot of people who are like me~

The day I went to a stylish cafe





Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?



I wonder why,

I was so restless leading up to the day of the broadcast, thinking that I’d be a huge disappointment






The three day performance

will start in Kanagawa starting tomorrow

Everyone who is coming,

let’s have fun together



The day I bought new clothes for the first time in a while



A question that I often received in mail and during meet & greet…



is about my favorite cosmetics, but I don’t have anything I’d name in particular

Here’s a bit from the ones I bought or I’m into recently…



CLARINS 04 (Lip oil)

Ririmew 06

Elegance 07 (Miu gave it to me as a birthday present 🐻)



All of them are lipstick and have a pinkish shade…

Depending on my mood, I’ll also use red or brown, but orange is the only one I haven’t tried yet so I don’t have one…




The day I spent relaxing in my hometown




The pictures in this blog are chronologically apart from each other, but it’s amazing how the length of my hair hasn’t changed that much…




I was just suddenly thinking about that ‪‪




As someone whose hair has been several different lengths before

The longest I ever had was about waist length… I also used to cut my hair into a bob once a year whenever I got the urge to cut it~






And so around here

I bring today’s blog to an end


Thank you very much for reading until the end

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