It’s Airi’s 16th blog~~ 🎂🍨🍈 (2023.08.23)





Thank you for opening my blog!



I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡




It’s the 16th blog from Airi, who still has to type 愛 (ai) and 季節 (kisetsu) and erase the last letter when she wants to type her own name~~
[T/N: The reading “ri” is very rare for the letter 季 so it doesn’t show up as a choice when you type “ri” in Japanese keyboards, 季 is most commonly used as a component of 季節 (kisetsu/season) so it’s easier to type that and then erase the last letter]




Longg time no see~!



Have you been doing well~?



Do you have to type 愛 and 季節 when you want to type my name too~?




Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday!


Just a little bit more until the weekend~~


Let’s work hard together~ 💪


Eat an ice cream as a reward of yourself for working hard through the week on the weekend~ 🍨



ーーー Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai 2023 ーーー



We appeared on Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai 2023 today!


Thank you very much to
Everyone who came and watched the broadcast!


We wore the new outfits that we wore at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023~!


I’d like to perform here again next time!



ーーー Real Meet & Greet ーーー



Thank you very much for the real meet & greet on August 13th (Sunday)!


I was really happy to be able to talk to everyone face-to-face! ☺️💕


It was good to be able to see the people who came to my online meet & greet, people who came to Omotenashikai, and people who came to see me for the first time~




Thank you very much for the flowers and slogans!


It’s all saved in my gallery~~


Up until now I usually only saw them through the photos that manager-san took, but this time I saw it directly, so I was happy~ ♡


The flowers were shaped in my favorite character, and there are also illustrations and wonderful messages, thank you very much!

I love flowers, so I looked at them closely before and after the meet & greet~




Also, also!
All of the third gens wore yukata~!




I’ve never put it on by myself, so I looked up how to and tried putting it on~ 🤭


When I put it on a few days before the real meet & greet,
I was surprisingly good at it?! I was impressed with myself,,,


When I showed it to Rika (Ishimori Rika), she praised me, “Ama~zing!”~ ☺️☺️



Sososo happy 




Putting the belt on was hard as expected, so Rika put it on for me prettily~


Thank you for being everyone’s older sister!



Slightly shy Airi

📸 Itoha (Mukai Itoha)



If there is another real meet & greet, I hope people who couldn’t come this time would come ☺️


For the people who came, let’s meet again~!





August 18th was Yu (Murai Yu)’s birthday~!


She’s so cool when she dances, but she’s usually so air headed and fluffy, that part of her is so cute!


Happy birthday 🎊🎂


I hope it will be a good year for you!


I appeared together with Yu on our web radio “Sakumimi” vol. 287, please listen to it~!



ーーー LAWSON-san ーーー



A campaign with Sakurazaka46 and Hinatazaka46 is being held for LAWSON!


The other day my mother got my clear file and sent me a photo of it ☺️


I got the wafers too, and I pulled Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) and Mio (Matono Mio)~


I hope everyone will pull their oshi ✨✨






A behind story from ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023



I drink a whole-melon juice with Reina (Odakura Reina), but the whole time the feelings of “This is so good~” and “I’m so full~” were battling inside me 🍈

Well in the end I drank it all though 🤭


There was ice cream on top of the melon as well, it was so filling~


I was so happy because it’s so delicious~ 😋


I hope I can have it again next year~




ーーー QnA Corner ーーー




○ If there’s something you like in a bento, do you eat it first or last?



Both!! Lol



I take a bite at first, and eat the rest at the end!


Starting and finishing with what I like, it’s a happy combo~~





○ Are you better at running or swimming?




Running for sure!!




I think I haven’t swam since I was in elementary school~


I was barely able to swim 25m that time, and now I don’t think I can,,,


I like playing in pools, but for some reason I can’t float, so I have to wear floaties!





○ Your favorite character?






I wrote about them several times in my blog, so I think some people already knew~?


I love how they mess around!


And how they’re so caring of their friends!




Recently, I’ve been liking Hachiware from Chiikawa too!


Some people told me that we look alike on meet & greet~


We both have our hairs parted in the middle, so there’s a sense of familiarity 🤭




○ Do you have more photos of Airi-chan wearing cat ears?


I do~ 🐱🐱



○ I haven’t been sleeping well lately, what do you do when you can’t fall asleep?



I also can’t fall asleep sometimes~!!


Lately, I calm myself down by listening to piano covers of Ghibli songs or the sounds of bonfires~


If you panic because you can’t fall asleep, it will be even harder to fall asleep, so I recommend calming yourself down~


Please go to sleep after reading this blog~


Good night 😪😪






That’s all for today!



Thank you very much for reading!





It’s been raining a lot so I thought it’d be really humid, but it’s actually getting super hot lately, so please take care of your body!


You can never be too careful~


Health is the most important thing!




I’ll be waiting for your responses with the #愛季に知らせたいこと (#WhatIWantToTellAiri) hashtag! 




Tomorrow is Yuzu!



The other day, we took a walk together for around an hour~


I can talk about silly things or serious things with Yuzu, so it feels just right~ ☺️☺️


Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~




See you 👋🏻👋🏻

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